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Brooklyn Nine Nine is a new detective/comedy series that debuted last fall on Fox

The series stars comedian Andy Samberg as Detective Jake Peralta, an ace NYPD cop who gets the job done despite a wise cracking persona that often upsets his superiors. Other characters include Peralta’s strait laced partner Amy Santiago (played by Melissa Fumero), ditzy precinct a [...]

Immunofluorescence analysis confirmed

myc tagged Notch1LNG was detected at the membrane as expected (Figure 2d, inset). Furthermore, by immunoblot analysis, both myc tagged constructs were expressed at comparable levels with increased amounts of processed NICD (85 generated in Notch1LNG CCSS transfected cells (Figure 2d inset [...]

PESCA: Yes, the two senators from Arizona

Flake and McCain, were very livid about this. And I think the public was quite shocked. There are all these honor the troops and flyovers during games. Keep the ball of your foot about 1 inch off the floor. Return your foot back to your starting position. Sit on the floor with your legs  [...]