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Twin 47 floor towers are currently

under construction on half of it, with residents expected to begin moving in late this year. But back in September, when the lanes were closed, financing had not yet been finalized for the redevelopment of the second half of land a plan to build a mix of commercial, residential and park [...]

Automatic registration is good for the country

good for New Jersey,” said Myrna Prez, deputy director of the Democracy Program at the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law, which had pushed for the legislation. “The Democracy Act would have made our registration lists more accurate and up to date, and voting more [...]

But as the game began Johnson directed

Indians in lightning line charges, and the Crimson defense ripped like paper. The Indians constantly shifted and realigned, tossing the ball back and forth. Johnson would fake a run to the outside only to hand the ball to Exendine, coming around from the end. Often, after storms that do [...]

Each campaign is accusing the other

bullying and dishonesty, and MacArthur has filed a defamation suit in response to Lonegan’s accusations that he defrauded insurance claimants. Runyan has endorsed MacArthur, in a signal that the state’s Republican establishment fears Democrats could pick up the seat if Lonegan [...]

“Looked a bit overconfident from Kiryenka

He knew he was the better sprinter easily, but he started out peddling about 3 times heavier than his opponent. Was a tad late in noticing him too, you don’t make up 2 or 3 lengths in that short a distance no matter how much better you are.”. If you are new to Magic the Gath [...]

Mr. Perry responded by calling a second

special session, and the Republican dominated Legislature quickly passed the restrictions last week. Though their efforts to block the bill had ultimately failed, Democrats have been emboldened by the filibuster and the battle over abortion. “There are always some idiots out there [...]

resulting potential

Alleva is all that. Ask the people at Tennessee when he told them he was going to be their athletic director. Then he got a nice raise for staying at LSU.. Throughout that call management actually sounded really excited about the opportunities that should present themselves over the next  [...]

Minskoff Theatre

Berge, K. Bernl C. Boisson, O. The 24 year old fashion blogger who co founded the ‘A Bikini A Day’ website with her friend Devin Brugman has shared her beauty advice withHarper’s Bazaar UK,revealing simple tricks can help rocket your self esteem levels. A few months  [...]