FunPlus has a lot in store for you around Valentine’s Day! Our games love to celebrate love, and that means that there’s going to be a lot of new in-game events and special items available for you during these days. Keep reading to discover what our games have to offer for Valentine’s Day 2023. 

Guns of Glory (Available until Feb. 12)

Sweet Like Roses

  • This event has two stages: the Quest Stage and theExchange Stage.
  • Defeat Threats, rally Red Guard Camps, collect or gather resources in and outside the Estate during the Quest Stage for a chance to get Balloon Bouquets, which can be exchanged for rewards at the Love Confession.
  • Participate in the Offering of Love event or purchase packs during the Quest Stage to earn Flower Bouquets, which can be exchanged for awesome rewards at the Exquisite Gifts store.
  • During the Exchange Stage, you will not be able to earn Balloon Bouquets, but can still exchange rewards at the event store.

Moment of Romance

  • Earn Romantic Roses by participating in or purchasing packs during the Timeless Oath event.
  • Use Romantic Roses via the event page to increase your Event Points and Event Level to receive Stage Rewards.
  • After reaching the maximum Stage, you can still use Romantic Roses to increase your Event Level. For every Event Level increased, you’ll receive 1 Level-up Reward.
  • Towards the end of the event, leaderboard rewards based on the Event Points you’ve obtained will be sent to your Mail.
  • Unused Romantic Roses will disappear after the event.
  • So long as you log into the game when the event rewards are being tallied, all unclaimed Stage Rewards will be sent to your Mail. Otherwise, they will disappear.

Timeless Oath

  • The event lasts for 8 days. In the first 5 days, 3 quest lines will be unlocked daily, each containing several sub-quests. You can get rewards by completing various sub-quests in the first 7 days.
  • For every sub-quest you complete, you will get 1 event point; You will also receive stage rewards when you hit the point targets.
  • On the 8th day, you will not be able to complete quests or claim sub-quest rewards, but you can still collect unclaimed stage rewards.
  • After the event ends, all unclaimed rewards will disappear so please collect them in time.

King of Avalon

Valentines Celebration

  • Player Limit: Stronghold Lv.16 and above
  • Players obtain Rose by gathering or attacking, and obtain Chocolate by completing certain quests. Players can use Rose and Chocolate to exchange different goods in the Valentines Shop.

Wish: Valentines Themed Decoration

  • Limit: Stronghold Lv.16 and above
  • Rule: Player can use Crystal Stones to make and get Wishes. Player has 1 chance for Pay-after-Wish, which means you can WISH x5 first and decide to purchase rewards or not.

State of Survival

State of Survival is adding two separate events to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The names are Miho’s Answer & Lucky Ferris wheel. 

On Miho’s Answer Chiefs can complete the Daily Tasks to get Everlasting Rose Seeds during the event. Daily Tasks will be refreshed daily.

On Lucky Ferris wheel The Giant Ferris wheel is filled with gifts. Which one will you choose? During the event use the Tree-topper stars obtained from Miho’s Answer event or bundles to draw prizes.

  • Each prize draw cost one Tree-topper star earning you one rewards on the ferris wheel and one point towards the Wishful Gift progress.
  • Each premium prize draw costs one Wishful Gift.There is a limit to the number of items of each type in the premium prize pool.
  • The vouchers obtained from the prize draw can be exchanged to rewards.