4X & Bullet

You can build your own cities, establish diplomacy, encounter ancient behemoths, and form partnerships with heroes from different factions that have unique personalities, together unraveling the ancient mysteries hidden behind these civilizations.

Fire, Bounce, Destroy!

Intuitive and interactive Sharpshooter gameplay allows you to solve puzzles, rescue allies, and destroy hostile forces! Wipe out pirates and ghosts with a bow, a rifle, or even a rocket launcher! Time to demonstrate a wise strategy with a perfect trajectory!

Explore the

The story takes place on an imaginary island where you can witness a flame-breathing dragon, feel the roam of an armored behemoth, dispatch mutant scouts into the dark dungeon, and locate the treasure of the Sea Master!

Diverse PvP

Whether it is the seizure of the Throne in your own kingdom, the clash with a rival Alliance, or the grand battle with an entire hostile kingdom, Stormshot has got you covered!



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