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DC Dark Legion

Sea battle. Sea of Conquest Pirate War

Sea of Conquest

State of Survival

A strategy game meant for hard-hearted people. You have to resist the urge to run and you must confront your fears as thousands of zombies surround your settlement. Do you have what it takes to survive?

King of Avalon

Build your own kingdom and discover alliances to defend your people. Use your dragons against the enemy and conquer new territories. Become the ruler of every realm!​

Guns of Glory

War is upon us. Build your army, cultivate a smart strategy, and overcome The Cardinal and his plans for the crown in this epic MMO RPG strategy! ​

Stormshot: Isle of Adventure

Misty Continent

Lost for decades, clues to the lost city of Atlantis finally found their way to you. Rising to the call of the long-lost empire, you’re about embark on an epic battle against pirates and the undead, and unearth treasures to unveil secrets of civilization’s disappearance.