Strategy Game

Set sail into the unknown. As the esteemed Captain, you are ready to renovate your pirate cabins, customize your pirate ships, and form your pirate crew. Seek out the Pirate King’s treasures and live sea battles, you will become a legend of the seas!

Sea battle. Sea of Conquest Pirate War


When the greedy staff of power and chaotic order turn their attention towards the sea, pirates will stand together under one black sail to defend their paradise! As a fearless Captain, you’ll experience the adrenaline rush of intense sea battles against rival pirates, the formidable navy, and unpredictable sea monsters.


Your flagship is a reflection of your unique style and strategy – from the flag that waves in the wind to the powerful armaments you choose to equip, and even the design of the Figurehead. With your tailored flagship, you’ll stand fearless against any raids or monsters, paving your way to becoming the ultimate king of the pirates!


Join forces with fellow buccaneers to form a formidable gang, or start your own and rise to power to dominate the seas! Collaborate, conquer, and share the spoils. Together, chart your path to glory and let the brotherhood of the waves amplify your strength. Your fleet awaits—hoist the sails to supremacy!



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