The Iron Mask leading his troops has defeated the rampant Pirate King “Blackbeard” Edward Teach, earning him great fame as well as capturing abundant treasures.

Meanwhile, troubles are brewing! Big troubles!

On an island lost since ancient times settles a horde of pirates, Ghost Pirates cursed to suffer for eternity! Upon hearing Blackbeard’s defeat, they have set their eyes on the Iron Mask.

Somehow, they get that in Iron Mask’s captured treasures, there are artifacts powerful enough to not only lift their curse but empower them to reign the Lost Island and even the whole world.

The Ghost Pirates have arrived on the continent and moored the Ghost Ships by the shore. Without delay, they launched the invasion on the Iron Mask’s territories.

Luckily, a mysterious adventuress, also from the Lost Island, will be on Iron Mask’s side and combat with the Ghost Pirates.

When talking with the adventuress, the Iron Mask gets that in spite of the curse and danger, the Lost Island is full of opportunities to be wealthy, arousing his strong curiosity.

As the Lost Island reemerges, how will the story develop? Is the upheaval a crisis or an opportunity? All this… is up to you!


Guns of Glory’s yearly expansion is coming soon!

Led by a mysterious adventuress, a legendary team quietly sets foot on the continent. You will have a chance to recruit these brave adventurers as your 【New Guards】. With unique skills, they can help you gain advantages on the Lost Island.

As the Lost Island reemerges, unrest spreads throughout the Kingdom. New 【Gameplays & Events】, “Relic War” and ”Treant Invasion”, await!

In the depths of the sea buries hidden treasure. In the upgraded 【Mermaid】 feature, you can unlock the Treasure Diving gameplay to find the buried treasure. Oh, look! New 【Mermaids】 are ready to join you! Why not send some gifts and build your relation to strengthen your rule?

Once the new Expansion is released, various Hot Events will become available! Plus, there will be Exquisite Skins and powerful Guards to claim for free!

Moreover, there will be optimized content and convenient features in the expansion to better serve you on the battlefield.

More information about the expansion “Lost Island” will be announced soon. Please stay tuned!


Fog, mixed with smelly gas out of the ocean, shrouds the land; Panic ignited by rumors about the Undead Pirates and Sea Master’s Curses pervades the Kingdom! Information about Guns of Glory’s yearly expansion, “Lost Island,” will be unveiled today to foreshow the brand-new content!

The battle that defeated “Blackbeard” Edward Teach has earned you great fame and a period of peace for the Kingdom.

Your bravery is highly praised on the High Seas, but it has also alerted forces dwelling in a forgotten continent far, far away…

Whether they be friends or foes, with intentions noble or sinister, the world will once again be plunged into chaos. 【A brand-new story arc】 unfolds!

Let it be a legendary chapter in the history of the Kingdom!


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