State of Survival’s three in-game heroes, Jeb Nelson, Trisha and Wolfe, have received special variant forms which have granted them new tactful skills and a more thrilling appearance as part of a new wave of content for the game! The introduction of their new power-ups signals the arrival of a new form of gameplay in the survival mobile game which players now have the opportunity to take part in.

These heroes have evolved through “Limitless Capsules” which are applied to the base versions of those characters. These capsules are given to players through bundle packages, special game events and more which are then used to transform their acquired heroes into limitless ones!                                                                                  

The newly evolved versions of these characters will be available to players who initially unlock them after the characters reach a specific level. Here is a deeper look into each hero:

Jeb Nelson An Ordinary Master

He found pleasure in life’s simple pleasures: a cold beer, fresh bread, and late-night movies. What Jeb longed for the most was the ordinary life which he used to enjoy in days gone by.The people from the Settlement regarded him as an old country bumpkin. Little did they know that Jeb was a skilled weapon maker capable of world-class creations…

Trisha, Infected No More

The virus was vicious. When treating someone who had been infected, even a second of hesitation could lead to fatal consequences. Amputation was a harsh and controversial measure, but for Trish, it was the only way forward.

Wolfe, The Soldier that Lost Control

Mortal terror… that’s the only thing Wolfe’s brave brothers-in-arms felt before they died by his hands during the experiment. Wolfe now lives his life drowned in seething hatred for GigaCorp. Most of the time, Wolfe isn’t in his right mind. And when he is, he can’t help but obsess over his mutated arm. He can’t stop asking himself: “What am I?”



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