FunPlus announced a partnership with the Hollywood movie star Orlando Bloom to bring his character to life in ‘King of Avalon’, the medieval free-to-play mobile strategy game inspired by the legend of King Arthur. The actor has worked closely with FunPlus in creating a fearless half-Unmelted new hero of Avalon, ‘Orlando the Nightshard’.

“We are honored to be welcoming a star with the talent and global reach of Orlando Bloom to the King of Avalon universe” said Chris Petrovic, Chief Business Officer of FunPlus. “The team has done an amazing job shaping this character and developing a tailored story that King of Avalon fans will love. We can’t wait for our community to discover Orlando the Nightshard and explore his history and abilities in-game.”

Orlando has become a playable character with a unique storyline within the ‘King of Avalon’ universe. Orlando leaves behind his iconic bow to take the Nightshard Blade forged with Dragon’s blood to lead the locals of Avalon to victory. 

“King of Avalon is an incredible world of lore and adventure with exciting characters like mine, who get to roam the lands and conquer different territories,” said Orlando Bloom. “At a time when games and movie characters are blurring the lines, it was cool to see my character, Orlando the Nightshard, come to life.”

Orlando Bloom arrives in ‘King of Avalon’ with a blockbuster storyline that is now part of the lore of the medieval strategy game. The new hero once was a famed and respected knight, until the Unmelted appeared – evil creatures who have brought frost and terror to Avalon. One day when traveling alone, Orlando was attacked by a horde, and while trying to fight them off, Orlando’s right hand was struck by a cursed ice blade. Without hesitation, Orlando cut off his hand, but the curse of that wound was more powerful than he thought, turning him into a half-Unmelted state. When Orlando returned home, he discovered his Unmelted traces spurred fear and hatred in people in Avalon. Hence, he became an outcast, heading to Dragonsholm City to find out how the Lord of this ancient land might receive a knight marked by the Unmelted. 

The Nightshard hero joins the growing roster of heroes of ‘King of Avalon’ with a unique skill: Nightshard Blade. Forged with Dragon’s blood, Orlando wields it to deal extra damage to all foes based on the player’s Infantry’s Health. Troops led by Orlando the Nightshard deal extra damage to enemy troops each round.