Chris Petrovic, CBO & Board Member at FunPlus

Chris Petrovic, CBO & Board Member at FunPlus


Chris Petrovic leads efforts to expand FunPlus into new territories, genres, and platforms and brings valuable knowledge and insights to our best-in-class development teams so they can deliver top-tier game experiences to wider markets.


Hi Chris, can you introduce yourself and tell us what fun means to you?

My name is Chris Petrovich and I’m the Chief Business Officer here at FunPlus. Fun to me means working hard, but also playing hard. 

Can you define FunPlus and also tell us why it is unique?

Today FunPlus is an industry leader, one of the largest independent, privately held companies in all of gaming. FunPlus is unique because we have a cross-cultural organization that spans from Asia to the United States and places in between, like Europe.

Can you describe the present and the future of FunPlus?

I would describe FunPlus as innovative, learning, and global. Tomorrow, FunPlus could be one of the biggest interactive entertainment companies in the world.



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