Today we are talking about video games’ art. But not about the art that helps create a game, shape worlds, and construct characters, but about the art that helps companies such as FunPlus to help better describe and represent games visually to players. That’s precisely what some of our artists do at our Barcelona Office, which is dedicated to publishing roles. Within the range of artists working at our Barcelona office, there’s room for quite a variety of artists, but today we are highlighting one of our 2D Marketing Artist, Daniel Vicente García, @dani_v_garcia who is living proof that you can fulfill your life’s dream of becoming part of the games industry.

He started his professional career as a Comic Artist, then evolved into a 2D artist,And he finally accomplished his dream even sooner than imagined. Today Dani will be answering some questions for you, talking about his daily duties, and beyond. 

Hi Dani, can you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about how you made it to the video games industry?

I’m Dani. I’m the 2D artist from FunPlus. My career went from drawing comics, where I learned a lot of resources, to becoming faster and more efficient, which helped me later evolve to a concept artist for the video game industry. That helped me to be patient, and that’s a perfect mix to be what I am right now. That is to be an artist in the mobile industry.

Which are your daily tasks at FunPlus?

As a 2D artist, I create art from scratch, mixing ideas from the community team, and ASO team, trying to match the market demand. 

Do you enjoy what you are doing at work?

I do my job because it’s fantastic to create shared assets that can help my teammates to achieve great final products so other people can enjoy them. It’s a powerful hub full of talent where you can find something new to learn in every corner.

How would you describe FunPlus?

FunPlus is a powerful opportunity and for improvement. 

What does FUN mean to you?

Fun to me means to enjoy growing while learning and sharing experiences.If you want to know more about Dani and his work, you can check our social media channels, where he starred our very first Artist Spotlight.You can also reach him through his LinkedIn profile.