Elena, Dora, Camila, and Lise, are some of the team members in the community team at our Barcelona office. What do they do on a daily basis? What distinguishes them from other community managers? We are asking the questions, and you are reading (and hearing) the answers. 

Elena: As a community manager I set and Implement Community strategy aligned with the marketing campaigns. Also I support communication between players and the developers team

Camila: As a community manager I make sure that the community is heard… and I am also a bridge between the developers.

Lise:  My job is basically to be the link between the developers, and the players. So I’m giving all the information to the players for them to be able to play normally, while also collecting all the feedback from the players. I’m giving that to the developers for them to improve the game.

Dora:  I’m trying to build a community for the game that I’m responsible for. I love it a lot because I’m trying to think of new ideas for all the social media platforms. I really love it.

Why do you do your job?

Lise: So I do my job because I am passionate about passionate people, and players are passionate people. And also we can say that I’m passionate about players. 

Camila: I do my job because I enjoy working with a community. I enjoy communicating everything that we have, information about the game, and I really enjoy working with a creative team and coming up with cool ideas for the community.

Dora: I do my job because I think that I love creativity, and I think that as a community manager creativity is the first thing that you should do very well.Elena: I do my job because I find it fun and challenging, and I enjoy working. Yeah I enjoy doing my job, that’s why I do it