If you think you have discovered a security vulnerability in FunPlus products, please report it to us.

How to report security vulnerabilities

If you think that you have discovered a security risk in FunPlus software, services or web server that may endanger FunPlus or any FunPlus user, please report it to us. We welcome anyone to report issues, including security researchers, developers, or game users.

Please send the details of the hidden dangers you found to the email security@funplus.com and provide the following information in the email:

  • The specific products and software versions that you think are affected
  • A description of the behavior you observed and the behavior you expected
  • A numbered list of steps and video demonstrations to reproduce the problem (if the steps may be difficult to complete)

You will receive a response from FunPlus to confirm that we received your report. If we need more information, we will contact you.

How to deal with this type of report in FunPlus

To protect our users, FunPlus will not disclose, discuss or confirm security issues until the investigation is completed and any necessary updates are fully rolled out.

FunPlus will publicly thank people or organizations that have reported security issues to us, and will thank them on the thank you page.

FunPlus Security Thanks

We are particularly grateful to the individuals and teams listed below who reported safety hazards in the first place. Each of them helped us make FunPlus safer.