FunPlus, a leading mobile game developer and publisher, announced the highly anticipated anniversary celebration of State of Survival, the free-to-play mobile strategy game, filled with thrilling in-game events and potential rewards. State of Survival is now available for free on AppStore, GooglePlay and PC


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The State of Survival Anniversary Celebration promises an abundance of rewards and exciting challenges for players to enjoy.

In-Game Celebration: Exclusive HQ Skin Up for the Taking!

From September 6 to 26, players can try their luck on Lucky Packs three times a day during the Rain of Riches event. Rewards include a hefty amount of Diamonds and, if lucky enough, a permanent HQ Skin!

Punchline: Turn Opponents into Airship Balloons!

From September 6 to 12, players can throw Punchlines at their opponents, turning them into airship balloons that soar into the sky.

Path of Water Tournament: Compete for Honor!

From September 18 to 24, players can participate in the team-based strategic Path of Water tournament. This event provides an even playing field where all players have the same Basic Power, allowing them to compete for honor.

Fireworks Festival: Light Up the Sky with Joy and Hope!

From September 20 to 26, players can light up fireworks above their bases or their allies’ bases, spreading joy and hope for all Survivors.

In addition to all in-game events, State of Survival is inviting players to join in on a variety of community events with the chance to win over 10,000 Diamonds:

Collaborative Theme Song Creation: Join us on TikTok!

From September 1 to September 22, players can join stateofsurvival_official on TikTok to create their own theme song or share clips of themselves singing via email. Stacks of Diamonds await participants!

Anniversary Memory Scroll: Share Your Survival Stories!

From August 25 to September 3, players can share their State of Survival stories within the in-game Community and on social media for a chance to win Diamonds.

AI Designer Contest – Anniversary Emojis: Design In-Game Stickers!

From September 19 to 26, players can design in-game stickers using materials provided by State of Survival and any AI creative tool. Outstanding designs have the chance to win Diamonds and other cool rewards, with the best designs potentially being included in the game as free gifts for all Chiefs.


Download new assets of the anniversary here.

State of Survival is now available for free on AppStore, GooglePlay and PC

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FunPlus is one of the largest privately held companies in all of gaming. Founded in 2010, it is a global creator of interactive entertainment experiences powered by technology, with cross-platform game development and IP creation at its core.  

FunPlus is an organization that fosters top industry talent, with more than 2,000 team members based in offices and studios across three continents. These talented creative teams are well-known for developing hugely popular cross-platform titles including State of Survival, King of Avalon, Guns of Glory, Stormshot, and Sea of Conquest.