Greater Zurich Area, Switzerland — February 10, 2022 — FunPlus, a leading independent mobile game developer and publisher, today announced that several games of its growing portfolio have received updates inspired by Valentine’s Day and will host different themed events for a limited time from February 13. Players who access ‘State of Survival’, ‘King of Avalon’, ‘Guns of Glory’ and ‘Call of Antia’ free-to-play games will have the chance to get their hands on themed content specially designed for the season of love such as skins, rewards and more.

State of Survival

During the event, players can obtain Roses by using speedups and Biocaps, gathering resources in the Wilderness, collecting resources in the Settlement, killing infected, exploring and purchasing the Valentine’s Day Roses Bundle. Those players who send Roses to other players will get in exchange Passion points, while the player who receives them will get Charm points. After the event, the top 10 so-called “Heartbreakers” – based on their Passion points – and the top 10 lucky “Absolute Charmers” – based on Charm points – will be named across the States. The event will be available until February 18.

King of Avalon

All kingdoms will participate in Cupid’s Favor event, where players will have to kill monsters, rally against Barbarian Camps and gather or collect resources to earn Roses, which can be exchanged for amazing rewards. Players can also join the Chocolate Maker event or purchase Bundles to win Chocolate that can be exchanged for rewards in the event section and the Holiday Shop, where there are four locked Tiers that players will have to unlock by completing the Chocolate Maker event. In addition to this event, players can also get different Valentine’s skins and accolades like Apple of My Eye and Hopeless Romantic Accolades and Cupid’s Garden City Skin. The event will be fully ended on February 26.

Guns of Glory

This event will be split in two stages: Quest Stage and Exchange Stage. Players will have to kill threats, rally Red Guard Camps, and collect and gather resources during the Quest Stage for a chance to get Roses that they can exchange for great rewards at the Rose Shop. During this stage, players will also earn Cupid’s Arrows through the Valentine’s Blessing or by purchasing bundles. All of them can be exchanged for rewards in Cupid’s Arsenal. During the Exchange Stage, players can  still exchange rewards in the event shops. The event will end on February 21.

Call of Antia

Until February 22, players will have access to Valentine’s Vow where they can claim glorious rewards if they log in daily during the event. Those who log in for 7 days in total will get Valentine’s Exclusive 4-Star Weapon Cupid’s Arrow.

State of Survival’, ‘King of Avalon’, ‘Guns of Glory’ and ‘Call of Antia’ are now available for free download on iOS and Android devices. Players can get more information about events and updates in the FunPlus webpage, by following on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Assets can be downloaded here.

About FunPlus

Founded in 2010, FunPlus is a world-class, independent game developer and publisher headquartered in Switzerland and with operations in China, Japan, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Russia, and the United States. As an organization that fosters the best creative and diverse talent in the world, and employs nearly 2,000 people, the company has developed and published games that have ranked in the #1 spot in nearly 70 countries, including State 
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