What’s new on Version 2.1.800

Time-Limited Events

  • New season of Endless Trial will be held from 5:00 on June 22 to 5:00 on June 29 (UTC), during which time Dragoneers can consume energy points to obtain Trial Certificate, which can be used to challenge Endless Trial quests. Clear the Endless Trial quests to win Trial Points and redeem them for rewards in the event store.

    The event store has added exclusive weapons for Zeus, Garabeth, Mytus, Sammy, and Cassandra that can be exchanged. Players can choose them from the “Legendary Exclusive Weapon I” chest and the “Epic Exclusive Weapon I” chest.

  • New season of Tower of Illusion is available from 5:00 on June 29 to 5:00 on July 6 (UTC), Dragoneers can choose to challenge one of three difficulty levels: Normal, Hard, and Expert. Dragoneers can receive progress rewards and ranking rewards during the event. Join the challenge to reach the highest level! Also, please note that there is a daily energy limit on the heroes that can be deployed.

  • New season of Magic Chess is available from 5:00 on July 1 to 5:00 on July 4 (UTC), you can match chess pieces to earn event points, which can be exchanged for rewards. During the event, you can obtain rare items such as Divine Blood, Tears of Ancestors, Legendary Rune, and more. Come take part in this exciting event!

  • The new Battle Pass “Antide Guardian” will be available after the current Battle Pass “Upcoming Show” ends. Complete Battle Pass missions to get rewards, and unlock the Premium Battle Pass for more rare rewards!

  • New summon pool Aquatic Dragon Soul: Runs from 5:00 on June 22 to 5:00 on July 6 (UTC), during which the odds of attaining the 5-star Hero Gwendolyn, the 4-star Hero Asta, and the 4-star Hero Salome are increased.

New Hero Gwendolyn

New 5-star Blue Antide Hero Gwendolyn is now available. You can summon her from the time-limited summon pool “Aquatic Dragon Soul” from 5:00 on June 22 to 5:00 on July 6 (UTC).

  • Hero Skill- Guardian’s Rage
    Deals damage to all enemies and inflicts Frosted, while applying Soul Link to the target enemy.
  • Soul Link: Links to the enemy with the lowest HP other than the target, increasing the damage taken by both linked targets. When either target takes damage, the other target takes equal damage.”
  • Exclusive Weapon Dragon’s Touch: Shields the wielder for 35% (for Gwendolyn, increases Mana Gain by an additional 45%) of Max HP for 5 turns when 10 or more Naya Stones are matched each turn.

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