What’s new on version 16.4.0

  •  The 7th Anniversary Event: Poet Laureate Contest. Listen to their songs and vote to earn rewards based on their total votes.
  • Anniversary Celebration: Crystal Wishes.
  • New look for the Anniversary Celebration: City Skins, Wings, Ornaments, and Portraits await!
  • New Equipment: Firmament Equipment.
  • Better ways to upgrade: Firmament equipment can be activated and enhanced by Enigma Ingot.


  • Adjustments to event and store rewards:
  • Replace Meteorite Iron with Gold Summoning Horn in the rewards of Royal Arena, Fire Lands, Kingdom Tourney and Alliance Hunt.
  • Increase the amount of Meteorite Iron for the Individual Points Rewards of the Nether War and Ultimate Alliance Conquest events.
  • Replace Smaragd Ingot with Enigma Ingot in the Auction House.
  • Replace Nightfall Ingot with Smaragd Ingot and Lunalith Ascendant Scroll with Glade Ascendant Scroll in the Alliance Store.

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