What’s new on Version 1.17.20

Age of Outreach

  • At a certain point in the life cycle of any State begins the Age of Outreach. Survivors in relevant States will be matched against each other in different game modes.
  • We expect that the Age of Outreach feature will expand the matchmaking range for cross-state events, making it easier for players in the Age of Outreach to match up with opponents of similar strength, thus enhancing the game experience.
  • While we have expanded the range of event matchmaking, we are also considering better ways to balance the hero generation gap between newer and older States.
  • As soon as a State enters the Age of Outreach, the World in Chaos event commences. Each Chief can only participate in this event once.
  • In the World in Chaos event, you can obtain Energy Cores by completing story missions, which can be used for Hero upgrades or exchanged for Hero Fragments from previous events. This will better prepare you for the upcoming battles against other States.

Note: This feature will be tested in selected States first.

Journey to Glory

Complete the daily tasks to earn tons of Rewards!

Complete the task of transporting supplies to help the refugees in the vicinity, earn great rewards and points, and most importantly, deliver a message of hope.

Note: This feature will be tested in selected States first, and you need to update the game to v1.17.20. Please pay attention to in-game mail notifications and community announcements for details.

General Fragments Conversion

To avoid unnecessary losses, the number of general Hero Fragments needed to upgrade a Hero will now be automatically determined.

Ally Gifts

Now Chiefs can quick-collect all the Ally Gifts when the number reaches 40, instead of 100.

Reservoir Raid

Chiefs are now allowed to participate in the Reservoir Raid even if there are wounded troops in the Hospital or Enlistment Office. However, these troops are NOT available in the event.


Chiefs are now unable to access the Solo Assault and Coordinated Operation events when they are in a Rally.

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