What’s new on Version 1.19.20

Weekly Deals

  • Added Platinum Coins that can be redeemed for items.
  • Increased the purchase limit for items.

Labyrinth City

  • Embark on a new journey with an all-new storyline and enhanced sound effects. Put on your headphones and immerse yourself in an even more captivating experience!
  • Bosses now possess a wider range of skills. Are you up for the challenge?
  • Added a new “Quick Upgrade” button. Plus, enjoy enhanced visual effects that bring a whole new experience to your Excavator screen.


  • Increased the capacity of the Lvl 35-40 Hospital, providing Chiefs with a stronger support system in battle!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Formation Research red dot would not disappear.
  • Fixed the Lvl 100-159 Formation System overview visual effects issue.