Frightful Halloween

It’s time for another spooky party! As night falls, are you ready to dance with the ghosts? Enjoy the following events:

– Trick or Treat!

On All Hallows’ Eve comes a mysterious knock at the door. Do you dare open it?

-Haunted Halloween

Which naughty ghost is hiding in the magic coffin?

– Gift Rush

Take your Jack O’ Lantern and look for gifts hidden all over the Settlement!

– Lights and Colors

Maddie thinks Frank should also join in for the Halloween fun.

– Airdrop Surprise

Max has sent us a Halloween surprise!

Participate in the Frightful Halloween events for a chance to get HQ Skins, March Skins, Frames, Decorations, etc.

Note: You need to update the game to v1.17.30 before you can participate in the above events.

Skin Collection

Unlock permanent Skins to gain points, which can be used to level up your Skin Collection for rare bonuses, skills, and HQ Emblems.

Skin Sets

After collecting all pieces (HQ Skin, March Skin, Frame, Title) of a Skin Set, you can activate it in the Event Skins store, providing the following effects.

– Skin Set bonuses

– Settlement Aura bonuses

– Exclusive Rally March Skin

Note: You need to update the game to v1.17.30 before you can unlock the above feature.

Settlement Renovation

A brand new graphics mode is now available in all States, along with a dedicated event. Complete daily tasks for even more Rewards!


Added a couple of new Titles to the Event Skins store.

The Behemoth

– In States that have been open for more than 50 weeks, Chiefs with an HQ Level of at least 20 can now build the Behemoth Institute.

– Upon building the Behemoth Institute, the Behemoth will be unlocked, which is an extremely powerful type of unit.

– Behemoths can participate in battles directly in a March.

– Behemoths have skills that deal AoE damage and can directly attack enemy troops in the rear, as well as provide protection for your own troops. Upgrade and enhance your Behemoths to unlock more skills.

– In a Rally or garrison battle involving multiple players, the stats, damage, and shield-type skill effects of all active Behemoths in the team are added up. Upgrade Alliance Tech to increase the maximum number of active Behemoths.

Note: You need to update the game to v1.17.30 before you can unlock the above feature.

New Hero: Kira

After Kira was abandoned by her parents due to an incurable eye disease, a renowned sword master took her under his wing. During her training to in the ways of the blade, Kira heard countless tales of those orphaned by war. She spent her winnings from performances and competitions to open an orphanage, passing on to the children everything she knew of swordplay.

Special Skill: Steady Advance

The sword master taught Kira to strike steadily and surely in battle. In Reservoir Raid and Reservoir League, Movement Speed is reduced but damage dealt is increased.

Event Skins Store

Optimized the interface of the store. Now you can more easily see the pieces needed to complete a Skin Set, as well as the effects it provides.

Cross State Capital Clash

– The length of the Warfare Stage has been adjusted from 8 hours to 4 hours.

– Added 4 new building to capture. The winner will be determined by the number of points.

– Added a healing button to the main screen.

Note: This feature will be tested in selected States first. See in-game mail notifications and community announcements for details.

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