Dig ‘Em Up

Explore the 5 abandoned buildings to locate valuable supplies and earn great prizes! Each exploration requires a specific number of Shovels.

Note: You need to update the game to v1.17.40 before you can participate in the above event.

Reservoir Raid: Supply Centers

Supply Centers have been added to Reservoir Raid, which provide points on a regular basis. Convoys regularly depart from the Central Reservoir to the Supply Centers, where both Alliances can deploy troops to ambush the convoys. Marches deployed in a Supply Center will engage in 1v1 battles with enemy Marches in turn, and the winner will get the supplies.

Note: This feature will be tested in selected States first. See in-game mail notifications and community announcements for details.

Azurtane Heist

Should you miss a battle, you now have the option to re-register for a new one that starts at another time.

Battle Reports

Added comparison in statistics of Heroes, troops, and Behemoths.

User Interface

Quality-of-life improvements to the March interface.