Christmas Party

Christmas is here! Prepare yourself for all the gifts and surprises! Enjoy the following events:

  • Christmas Sign-in: Sign in daily to claim the Christmas special Rewards for free!
  • Community events: Participate in a variety of community events and win great Rewards!
  • Christmas Tree Decoration: Set up your own Christmas tree!

There are also special events for each stage:

  • Stage 1: Christmas Sonata
  • Stage 2: Christmas Contest
  • Stage 3: Doomsday Party

Participate in the Christmas Party events for a chance to get HQ Skins, March Skins, Frames, Decorations, etc.

State Event 

Project Dominion: A brand new State Event is here. Reap your Rewards with the help of Tiger!

  1. Event rankings are no longer required to complete State Event tasks, making it easier to get Rewards.
  2. Complete State Event tasks to upgrade Tiger, who can help boost your growth immensely.
  3. Complete State Event tasks to earn Tiger’s Coins, which can be used to purchase useful items in the Tiger’s Store. More items become available as you upgrade Tiger. The store stays open until the end of the event.

Some of Tiger’s skills are:

  • Fortune Kitty: Increases the amount of Tiger’s Coins earned from completing State Event tasks by up to 200%.
  • Tiger’s Trophy: Increases Healing Speed and Training Speed when Rallying against Infected Fiends.
  • Purr-fect Gifts: Increases the number of items available in the Tiger’s Store, including important ones such as Advanced Relocators.

Please note you need to update the game to v1.18.0 before you can participate in the above event. Stay tuned for seasonal events such as Treasure Quest!”

Reservoir Store

  • We added new Aircraft-related items to the store.

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