New Hero: Aoi

  • – Aoi’s personality is the utter opposite of her sister Mikoto, whose authority forced Aoi to suppress her unruly nature. “White Dragon” is her answer whenever someone asks for her name in private. But if her sister is around, she’ll nod, smile, and curtsy in the most formal of manners.
  • – Special Skill: Charismatic Leader. When garrisoning, Aoi always stands in front of friendly troops to protect them, reducing the Wounded Rate.

New Intel Missions

  • Added two types of Infected (Wild Behemoths). Defeat them in the Wilderness for tons of Behemoth-related items.

Event Skins Store

  • Fixed an issue where the set effects did not work.

Quality-of-life Improvements

  • On the “Get More” pop-up window, once you filled one type of resource, you will now automatically be redirected to the next unfilled one.