Happy Lunar New Year

The sound of firecrackers and merriment coming from outside the window has attracted scores of survivors! Let’s go and have a look! Enjoy the following events:

  • New Year’s Eve Party: The sound of firecrackers has attracted the Infected. It seems they want to kick off the Lunar New Year with some undead carnage.
  • Lion Dance Spectacle: The amazing lion dance spectacle has begun!
  • New Year’s Pizzazz: To ensure that the Lunar New Year activities to run smoothly, we need enough New Year items!
  • Lights and Colors: Celebrate New Year’s Eve with lights and colors!
  • Red Packets: Those little pranksters have hidden loads of red packets throughout the Settlement containing Firecrackers and other items needed for Lunar New Year.
  • Participate in the Happy Lunar New Year events for a chance to get HQ Skins, March Skins, Frames, Decorations and more.

Note: You need to update the game to v1.18.30 before you can participate in the above events.

Break the Limit

  • Limitless Heroes: Gen one Heroes rejuvenated! Upgrade talents, unlock brand new skills, and greatly improve their stats.
  • Hero Profiles: Track your Heroes’ status with Hero Profiles. Search for their exclusive items to improve familiarity and exploration stats.
  • Hero Stories: Discover untold stories of your Heroes during the outbreak and obtain items to upgrade their talents. Assign Support Heroes to clear the levels more easily.
  • Hero Challenges: Eliminate the Infected within the time limit to earn points and tons of items to upgrade talents. Make use of the buff items that appear to increase your efficiency.

The Path of Water

  • The Holiday Team Building event is now rebranded as the Path of Water.
  • The levels of troops are determined by the Chief’s progress, but Troop Power will be decreased to a certain extent.
  • At the end of each event session, your tier will be downgraded and retained for the next session.

Note: You need to update the game to v1.18.30 before you can participate in the above event.

New Graphics Mode

Changed the Events Billboard to a list structure to display richer information.

Note: You need to update the game to v1.18.30 before you can unlock the above feature.

Influencer Trap

Now rallies must be finished before the end of the event.

Crystal Energy Troops

Added 3D models of the Crystal Vanguard, Crystal Rider, and Crystal Arbalist to battle replays.

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