Cherry Blossom Festival

Beautiful petals sway in the breeze as the cherry blossoms bloom. The Final Hope prepared early this year. Everything’s ready: food, drinks, even picnic blankets! Go join them!

In this event, you’ll get to enjoy the following content:

  • Home-brewed Sakura Sake: Brew sake with cherry blossoms and keep the freshness of spring alive!
  • Night Cherry Blossom Contest: Tasty Sakura Sake is hidden amid the branches of the cherry trees. Keep your eyes peeled for them!
  • Hanami Preparations: Hanami is nothing without great sake to go with it. Search for Sakura Sake to prepare for Hanami!
  • Lights and Colors: The atmosphere must be perfect, but that won’t happen without lights! Repair the circuits so that the lights gently glow, creating the ambiance we all love to see. 

Aircraft – Formation System

Ever since we obtained Aircraft and built a Squadron, we have dominated the battlefield.

After several training sessions, we developed a system of Squadron Formation & Tactics. It significantly improved the strength of our Squadron.

You can get Aircraft Skills that will aid you in combat from Coordinated Operation.

*Go to Battle Report -> Replay to view your Aircraft Skills.

*This game mode becomes available when the server has been live for 74 weeks.

Note: This game mode will be available for testing on some servers. For details, please see your in-game mail or our community notice.

Trading Practice Event

Since GigaCorp began issuing stocks, the post-apocalyptic stock market has gradually come into being. And now, it has finally taken shape. The Final Hope, though initially not interested in participating, has discovered that an increasing number of survivors are buying and selling stocks seeking profit. They realized that the influence of the stock market is not to be underestimated and, after careful consideration, have decided to hold a simulated stock trading competition. They hope to use this opportunity to help people understand the post-apocalyptic stock market and raise risk awareness.

Will they become overnight millionaires or lose everything? The stock market fluctuates, and the warm-up is now beginning!

Note: This game mode will be available for testing on some servers. For details, please see your in-game mail or our community notice.

New Update – Infected Horde

On the 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 9th, and 10th week of [State Event – Fungal Insurgence], the [Fungal Insurgence – Infected Horde] event becomes available.

  1. First Phase – Never-Ending Winter: The invading Infected ate from unknown mushrooms, and their March Speed has changed. Added Stages 21 to 25. A good Garrison strategy will secure more points.
  2. Second Phase – Searching Icy Lands: We found the lair of the Infected. It is time to go on the offensive and launch a counterattack against the Infected Mushroom boss. This phase gives you numerous points.
  3. Third Phase – End of Winter: With our combined effort, we eliminated the Giant Mushroom. Everyone collects loot in the Wilderness!
  4. Please note there is a limit to how many times you can go on the offensive.

The Path of Water Optimization

Optimized the matchmaking system. Now, player Troops no longer benefit from the bonuses of State Events while in combat.

Limitless Hero Interface Optimization

Added the Skill effectiveness information to the bottom of the Upgrade UI.

Battle Report Optimization

Added Aircraft Skill information to the replays of Battle Reports.