Added Hero Completions

  • Medical Mercies – Trish: In a world where the Infected are everywhere, Trish, as a professional doctor, carried a heavy burden: to cure the Infected. Though her measures are controversial, there’s no doubt she’s an expert in the field.
  • Untamable Test Subject – Wolfe: As a soldier, Wolfe lost everything when he was tricked by GigaCorp and forced into a horrifying experiment to be *transformed* into one of the Infected. After his escape, he resolved to take revenge… but his mutated arm is getting out of control. As he struggles to survive, both his mind and body are approaching the breaking point…
  • More Than Meets the Eye – Jeb: Many refer to him as the “weapons master,” but no one knows what the mysterious man looks like. Who would ever suspect that the master was an ordinary beer-guzzling, bread-chomping farmer…

Labyrinth City

As the Final Hope team is exploring the outside world, the ground suddenly collapses under their feet. They fall into an underground city-sized Labyrinth. The abandoned city was constructed by GigaCorp. It seems it was used for research and the production of a new type of metal alloy.

Now, the site’s been overrun by monsters, but there are still precious resources and supplies left behind.Fire up the Excavation Engineering Vehicle you found in this underground place and venture into the unknown!

Reminder: We will be carrying out testing on this feature in some States. Check your in-game Mail and our Community channels for more info.

Optimized State Transfers

The top-ranked States are called “Leading States.” Governors will not be able to set a Power limit for these States.

The bottom-ranking servers, with the lowest Power, become “Weak States.” It costs fewer Transfer Passes to move to these servers.

Added an indicator to the State Transfer list that shows server activities.

State Leaders can see the remaining Transfers of their State.

Other optimizations

Optimized Battle Reports

Added the display of second-generation Completion Hero Skills.

New UI Style Switch

Added a switch to the Settings page that allows players to toggle the new UI style on/off.

Settlement Redesign

Switch to the new UI, complete daily tasks for amazing rewards!

Half-Length Avatar Display

Optimized Text

Optimized text associated with Hero Completions (previously referred to as “Limitless Heroes”). This change will only effect descriptions.

Hero Challenges Event Change

To ensure overall performance and smoothness, Sarge’s Gun Turret and Strings’ Tainted Puppet will be limited to 15 summoned units at one instance.

State of Survival update 1.18.70