What’s new with Version 1.18.8

State of Survival for Windows

  • Avatars are now available on the Windows version.

Doomsday Open

  • Added restrictions on Hero generation, Aircraft generation, and Behemoths.
  • Added a Hall of Fame.

Alliance Showdown

  • Optimized the matchmaking system.

Operation Festival

  • Show your wisdom and courage by overcoming obstacles and embarking on a joyful adventure! Enjoy the following content:
  • HQ Sentinels: This event introduces the HQ Sentinel Skins, which can be obtained by participating in the event and unlocking new Settlement Effects and special stat bonuses upon activation.
  • Circuit Repair: Obtain Restoration Chips and use them to repair random Circuit Units and earn Rewards. When you get a bingo with the Circuit Units, you’ll get Bingo Rewards. After getting 3 bingos, you must refresh the Circuit Board and the Bingo Rewards. You’ll get Sentinel Fragments as a Reward upon completing the Daily Circuit Repair.
  • Brawling Operation: Alliance Members can earn Summons by repairing Circuits. You can use these Summons to summon bosses. Alternatively, you can also challenge an existing boss or help others in doing so. When a boss is defeated, you will receive generous Rewards. Additionally, activating a Sentinel during the challenge will grant extra special Rewards, and all team members will receive bonus Rewards.
  • Season Pass Ranking: By completing tasks or purchasing Bundles, you can earn Season Pass Points, which can be used to unlock Tier Rewards and increase your ranking points. You can purchase Premium Privileges to get abundant Tier Rewards or climb the rankings to win Gaia’s Soul HQ Guardian (30d) and the Rock Colossus HQ Skin (Permanent).