Whatā€™s new on Version 1.18.90

State Event – Twisted Evolution

  • Brand new State Event storyline: Discover hidden stories for Rewards!
  • The Herbarium: Collect materials for various valuable bonuses.
  • Season-exclusive game modes: Annihilation Awaits and Plague Zone!

Behemoth Trials

  • Behemoth Primotron represents the humble beginnings of a technological revolution that forever altered the course of human history. In their initial state, the Behemoths were little more than crude creatures. But even in this nascent form, the potential for these massive constructs was clear, and it was only a matter of time before they would evolve into the awe-inspiring weapons of war that would come to define the future of combat.
  • To unlock the full potential of the Behemoth Primotron, Dr. Yamazaki developed essential weapons and potions while working with Sarge to create the “Trials” program. Join the Behemoth Trials to transform them into the ultimate weapons!

Doomsday Open

  • Added a spectator mode.
  • Please note that this feature will be tested in selected States first. Keep an eye on in-game mails and community announcements for details.