What’s new on Version 1.19.0


  • Brand new stickers that can be used in State Chat, Alliance Chat, and Private Chat.

King of the Hill

  • Engage in epic faction wars, showcase your strategic prowess in brutal battles, and become the strongest Alliance!

Behemoth II

  • From May 10 to May 11, you will start to see [Behemoth Mk II] coming to each State! Next, we’ll take a look at the skills and strength of this powerful companion and tell you what Rewards it comes with. It goes without saying, that the [Behemoth Mk II] will give you a much-needed boost when you are out there fighting the Infected to conquer this post-apocalyptic world!


  • Now when a rally against an Infected Fiend is full, it will be dispatched immediately.
  • A fresh new look of the Mail interface.

Note: These features and optimizations will be tested in selected States first. Keep an eye on in-game mails and community announcements for details.