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Hello everyone, and welcome back to our exclusive “Insiders Info” interview series, where we share with you unique insights into FunPlus, FunPlus People, and our Games!

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce a very special guest, the CEO and co-founder of FunPlus, Andy Zhong! As we navigate through this exclusive interview, we’ll uncover the responsibilities that ignite Andy’s passion, explore the moments that have left an indelible mark on his career, and learn how he recharges away from the keyboard and screen. Join us as we gain a exclusive glimpse into the daily life of a CEO whose leadership qualities are as impactful as the games his company brings to life.

Andy also reflects on the personal significance of the Chinese New Year and how FunPlus embraces this festive period to celebrate traditions and foster unity within its diverse team. And, in a heartwarming finale, we’ll discover what “fun” truly means to him!

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“We need to challenge ourselves by exploring and exceeding our limits.” – Andy Zhong


Q: Hi there! Thank you very much for joining us today in this space You established FunPlus almost 14 years ago. How has your day-to-day changed over the course of the years?

A: In the past couple of years, I have gone through a transition from working from a more tactical point of view to a strategic one. My day-to-day now includes problem-solving to foster a company culture that encourages innovation and collaboration. In the early days of growing this company, my focus was on hands-on product development, hiring, and team building. Now, I concentrate more on leadership, long-term strategy, and vision.

I have put at the forefront of my planning into prioritising and delegating. This has resulted in having amazing people and creatives around me whom I am proud to work with. Furthermore, they are empowered to take the lead and initiatives to move our company forward.

As the company grows, I have to keep in mind balancing work and life for team members as well as for myself. I’ve found a better work-life balance over the years, understanding the importance of recharging for sustained creativity and leadership, and understanding that my teams also need that in order to thrive.

As times evolve, adapting to change is another key asset to have so I spend a lot of my time discovering and developing how our company, our attitude, and our working methods need to adapt to be able to stay at the cutting edge.


Q: What is the task you enjoy the most and find most fulfilling? And the one you find more challenging?

A: I truly love creating ideas and developing concepts. My most enjoyable and fulfilling actions are crafting the company’s vision and seeing it come to life through our games is incredibly rewarding. I truly also enjoy building and nurturing talented and passionate teams who can bring our visions to reality. One of the most thrilling moments of launching a new game is seeing the excitement it generates among players.

Among some of the most challenging endeavours at work is decision-making on project prioritisation when we have multiple promising concepts. This of course can be tough but is crucial for focus and resource allocation. Keeping up with the rapid pace of technological change and ensuring our games stay relevant and engaging is a constant challenge, which I happily rise to. Also, deciding when to keep going with a project or when to call it a day is key – because sometimes you need to take risks, but sometimes you also need to accept that it’s just not the right time for an idea or concept, even if you’re really passionate about it.


Q: Speaking of enjoyable and challenging tasks, could you please tell us which FunPlus moment has marked you the most?

A: The day we launched our first major hit game and witnessed it climb the charts was unforgettable – it was a true testament to our team’s hard work and passion. I also recall that the moment we celebrated our 10th anniversary was incredibly special. It was a time to reflect on our journey and the milestones we achieved together.

Being recognized by the industry with prestigious awards has been an incredible honour, marking our commitment to excellence in gaming. The opening of a new studio and office like our new building in Shanghai, and our publishing office and new studio in Barcelona, was a big step to becoming truly global.

A particularly personal moment that stood out for me was meeting a player whose life was positively affected by our community or a close friend or family member who really enjoyed our game. It reminded me of the real human connections our games foster.

Q: How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance, and what activities do you enjoy outside of work that help you recharge?

A: I prioritise my time and set clear boundaries between work and personal life, ensuring I spend quality time with family and friends. In order to do so, I practise time management techniques and make use of productivity tools to keep my workday efficient, so I can enjoy my personal time fully.

Recharging outside of work is extremely important to me, like engaging in physical activities like swimming, skiing, cycling, or hitting the gym. These activities help me clear my mind and boost my energy levels. I also really enjoy watching movies and live shows as a big part of my downtime,

Over the years, I have found meditation to become an integral part of my life as well. I practise transcendental meditation and also attend a few spiritual trips every year regularly. It has been very beneficial for me both in work and personal life.

Q: Given your leadership philosophy, I’m curious about how this translates into your daily life. Could you share with us some of your daily Rituals? 🙂 Please, walk us through a typical day in your life as CEO, and if there are specific routines that you credit for your effectiveness and focus.

A: Inquiry and reflection are important in my daily life. It gives more clarity about how things can be done better and what should be prioritized. I do that every day when I am walking, sitting in a car, etc. I also do that sometimes with my colleagues while we are having a walking conversation downstairs from the office or jogging in a park.

Having an efficient meeting is also a big part of my daily routine. I believe it’s essential to have clear goals before meetings and agree on some key conclusions – this is the most satisfying.

Having very positive and calm emotions is very important for efficiency and also giving constructive, positive feedback is very crucial particularly when we face challenges.

Q: Considering your leadership philosophy and style, could you share with us the key leadership qualities you value most? How do these qualities influence the type of individuals you choose to surround yourself with in your team?

A: I believe in six key leadership qualities:

  1. Adaptability: The ability to pivot in response to industry changes and challenges is crucial in the fast-paced gaming world.
  2. Championship: The goal of our work is to build the best games for players which requires that we always dream big, create excellence, and shoot for the moon.  In order to achieve that, we need to challenge ourselves by exploring and exceeding our limits.
  3. Integrity: Trustworthiness and ethical conduct are non-negotiable, as they foster a culture of honesty and respect within the company.  
  4. Effective Communication: Effective communication is vital for aligning the team, inspiring action, and ensuring everyone is on the same page.
  5. Pragmatism: A pragmatic leader takes action based on what’s practical and achievable, yet ambitious at the same time, leading to effective and efficient outcomes.
  6. Empathy: Understanding and considering the team’s perspectives and needs leads to a supportive and collaborative work environment.

Q: Who inspires you (whether within the gaming industry or outside of it) and why do they have such an impact on you?

A: I am inspired by leaders such as Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, and Kojima Hideo. They all work really hard and also are very passionate about dreams throughout their whole lives. That is my goal as well!

These leaders set very high standards and truly explore and exceed the limits by pushing innovation boundaries. They all connect with the world with their creations and make the world a much better place to live and have fun.

Chinese New Year celebrations:

As we swing into the vibrant festivities of the Chinese New Year, a festive period rich with tradition and celebration, it’s a time not only for grand festivities but also for personal reflection and renewal. In the spirit of this significant cultural event, I’d like to delve into a more personal side and explore how the traditions of the New Year are interwoven with your professional life and leadership at FunPlus.

The Chinese New Year, which falls on February 10, 2024, will mark the beginning of the Year of the Dragon according to the Chinese zodiac. The Dragon is the fifth animal in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac and is considered the most auspicious and powerful of the zodiac animals, often associated with strength, good luck, and vitality.


Chinese New Year Celebration 2024. Year of the Dragon FunPlus Logo.

Q: With the Chinese New Year being a time of celebration and reflection, could you share what this holiday means to you personally and how you celebrate it?

A: For many people, Chinese New Year is a time of family reunions, where family members come together, often traveling long distances to be with loved ones. It’s a period of reflection, allowing individuals to look back on the past year’s achievements and challenges and to set goals for the coming year.

The holiday often brings a sense of hope and renewal, with people embracing the opportunity to start fresh, symbolised by the cleaning of homes to sweep away bad luck and make room for good fortune. We celebrate throughout the month, with particular days taking on different meanings like the 15th day of the lunar new year is the Lantern Festival.

Q: FunPlus is an international company with a diverse team. How do you share and celebrate the richness of Chinese New Year traditions with your employees worldwide?

A: At FunPlus we celebrate the Chinese New Year with virtual Celebrations. For remote team members or in times when a gathering isn’t possible, we leverage technology to host virtual events, ensuring everyone can partake in the festivities. 

We also want to convey the importance of Celebrating Chinese New Year as an excellent opportunity for team building and creating a sense of unity within our diverse workforce. We share the celebrations with our colleagues in the offices outside of China, where they also have their own Chinese New Year local celebrations. 

This allows us to honour the cultural heritage of our Chinese team members and executives as well as expand the celebration to other team members as a whole, promoting inclusivity and mutual respect. Such celebrations contribute to a more culturally aware and sensitive workplace, which is essential for an international company like FunPlus.

Also, we share the celebrations with our colleagues outside of China.

Q: Fantastic! Thank you so much, Andy! We would like to put an end to this insightful and personal interview with one of our ‘trademark’ questions… a question that our readers love to know! Ready? Here we go: FUN TO YOU MEANS? 😀

A: Fun to me means joy, deep connection, singing, dancing, fireworks! Having fun together is the most important thing. Fun is all about sharing.



And that’s a wrap on our deep dive with Andy Zhong, CEO and co-founder of FunPlus! We extend our heartfelt thanks for his time and invaluable insights. Andy’s approach to leadership, commitment to innovation, and dedication to fostering a creative team culture have given us a glimpse into the future and plenty to think about.

Thanks for joining the conversation, and stay tuned for more insights and stories.


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Andy Zhong, CEO and co-founder of FunPlus


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