Time-Limited Events

  1. A new round of the Puzzle Treasures event will be held from 05:00 on September 29 to 05:00 on October 11 (UTC), featuring 3 picture puzzles which are available for all Dragoneers to complete. The puzzles can be revealed by consuming energy points and completing puzzle missions. Get ready to win Rewards including Tears of Ancestors, Rough Naya Stones, Fine Naya Stones, Asterite and more. Note: The event unlocks when Campaign Stage 4-3 is cleared.
  2. The Summon pool Entangled Sarakoth Dreams runs from 03:00 on September 29 to 03:00 on October 13 (UTC), during which time the odds of attaining 5-star Hero Nan, 4-star Hero Jane, and 4-star Hero Sammy are increased.

Comeback Event

  1. New Comeback Event. Dragoneers who cleared Campaign Stage 6-8 and haven’t logged in for 14 days or more can access this event to win extra Rewards. Note: Dragoneers can only trigger the Comeback Event once every 45 days.

New Hero: Nan

  1. New 5-star Yellow-type Royal Guard Hero Nan is making her debut. You can summon her from the time-limited summon pool Entangled Sarakoth Dreams which runs from 03:00 on September 29 to 03:00 on October 13 (UTC).
  2. Hero skill Sun Ring & Moon Shadow: Deals damage to all enemies for multiple hits. Grants the caster a Protective Swords effect and increases the Attack of yellow allies for multiple turns.
    Protective Swords: When allies deal skill damage, Nan gets the chance (100% when yellow allies deal skill damage) to unleash a power sword which slashes all enemies to deal extra damage.
    Nan’s damage dealt in Tournament of Valor and Alliance Intruder is increased.
  1. Exclusive Weapon Soluna Shadows: Increases Attack by 25% (for Nan, 50%) for 3 turns when using skills.

Functional Optimizations

  1. Added battle replay feature for Alliance Wars.
  2. Added a new feature to use Naya Flame chests directly when ascending rune slots.
  3. Fixed issues where the screen freezes in certain play modes.

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