Time-Limited Events

  1. Another Speedrun Challenge event is coming! This event runs from 03:00 on October 13 to 2:59 on October 27 (UTC), during which 5 quests with unique features will be unlocked in chronological order. Earn points by completing different quests and get Rewards when the total points reach the targets. Ranking Rewards will also be sent according to your total points on the leaderboard when the event comes to an end. The top 3 players will be rewarded with a glorious Avatar Frame! The event consists of a Challenge Stage and an Announcement Stage. Dragoneers can only view the leaderboard after the Challenge Stage ends at 3:00 on October 26 (UTC).
  2. Summon pool Lineage of Healing: Runs from 03:00 on October 13 to 03:00 on October 27 (UTC), during which the odds of attaining 5-star Hero Bastet, 4-star Hero Serapus, and 4-star Hero Morgan are increased.
  3. The new Battle Pass season Semu’s Golden Sands will open when the current Battle Pass season Mountain Guardian draws to a close. Dragoneers may complete Battle Pass Missions to earn Rewards. Unlock the Grand Battle Pass to obtain an abundance of Rewards!

New Hero Bastet

  1. New 5-star Red-type Semu Hero Bastet is now available. You can summon her from the time-limited summon pool Lineage of Healing from 03:00 on October 13 to 03:00 on October 27 (UTC).
  2. Hero skill Desert Dance: Heals all allies and grants Ritual Dance effect on all red allies except for herself.
    Ritual Dance: Restores 20% mana instantly, and restores additional 50% mana when defeating enemies with a skill, can trigger up to 1 time.
  3. Exclusive Weapon Pure Spring: When each turn begins, has a 33% chance to increase damage dealt to weaker element by 70% (for Bastet, 140%) for 2 turns.

New Cosmos Corridor

  1. The new Cosmos Corridor stage features Deedlite’s Dreamworld. Dragoneers can use Corridor Keys to unlock stages in the Cosmos Corridor. Hero Ascension Materials, Gold, and EXP Potion will be awarded when a stage is cleared for the first time.

[Alliance War Adjustments]

  1. New Hall of Honor feature for Alliance War. The Hall of Honor is divided into 3 leaderboards, namely World, Warzone (includes 4 Worlds) and Global. The top 8 Alliances with the most Arena Trophies will earn a place on the leaderboard. The old leaderboard will be removed.
  2. New Alliance label feature in chat channels. Dragoneers whose Alliance are ranked Diamond and above can have a corresponding label in chat channels.
  3. To provide a better gaming experience and encourage Dragoneers to deploy more powerful teams in Alliance War, we have increased the point loss when defense teams are defeated and also adjusted the rule of obtaining points for the offense teams.

Skill Description Optimizations

  1. Optimized hero skill description:

– Specified that color-based buffs of the same type cannot stack.

– Specified that damage sharing effect does not trigger buff receiving.

  1. Optimized Thaurissan’s skill description, specified that the transferring of allies’ HP is not regarded as healing.
  2. Optimized weapon skill description:

– “when gaining a buff:” Only direct buffs granted by hero skills can trigger this weapon skill.

– “when healed:” Only direct healing and life steal can trigger this weapon skill. Healing can not be triggered when HP is full.