Time-Limited Events

  1. The new event Light Tower’s Gift will be available from 03:00 on November 10 to 3:00 on November 17 (UTC), during which Dragoneers can take on stages to obtain special materials, which can be used to redeem abundant Rewards including many hero upgrade materials.
  2. The new Battle Pass season Wrathful Ocean will open when the current Battle Pass season Semu’s Golden Sands draws to a close. Dragoneers may complete Battle Pass Missions to earn more abundant Rewards than before! More rare items are included!
  3. Summon pool Surprise Pirates: Runs from 03:00 on November 10 to 03:00 on November 24 (UTC), during which the odds of attaining 5-star Hero Samuel, 4-star Hero Bruno, and 4-star Hero Robert are increased.

New Hero Samuel

  1. New 5-star Green-type Leviathan Hero Samuel is now available. Dragoneers may summon him from the time-limited summon pool Surprise Pirates from 03:00 on November 10 to 03:00 on November 24 (UTC).
  2. Hero Skill Phantom Anchor: Deals damage to the target enemy and additionally deals Pure Damage. Passive: For each hero of the same color on the team (including the caster), increases the caster’s Attack.
  3. Exclusive Weapon Sinister Anchor: When each turn begins, has a 33% chance to increase 50% Attack (for Samuel, 100%) for 2 turns.

New Content

  1. New chapters and stories (Chapter 33 to Chapter 50) will be unlocked when chapter 32 is cleared. Dragoneers may find the new chapter’s entrance at the vortex near chapter 32. New enemies and challenges await you!
  2. New Fallen Titans difficulty level. Unlocks when Campaign Stage 32-10 is cleared.
  3. Dragoneer’s max level is increased from Lv.60 to Lv.90.
  4. Hero max level is increased from Lv.200 to Lv.240. Dragoneers may utilize the Resonance system to obtain powerful stats bonuses for all heroes of the same element! Resonance system unlocks when any hero of the corresponding element reaches Lv.190.

Alliance War Adjustments

  1. Optimized the rules for obtaining points. There is a limit for the points that Dragoneers can get from a single attack. The maximum point amount is determined by the average power of Dragoneers’ defense teams and their alliance tier. Given the same tier, the higher Dragoneers’ defense team power, the more the limit can be increased. This feature will be implemented after 05:00 on November 11 (UTC).
  2. Battlefield 4 “Call of the Wild” will be replaced with “Fog of War”. Fog of War: The battlefield is covered by a mysterious fog. 2 heroes of the defense team will be invisible until the battle begins. The fog will dissipate when Dragoneers enter the battle, and the full defense team will be unveiled. This feature will be implemented after 05:00 on November 11 (UTC).
  3. Optimized Alliance War rewards for Legend tier. This feature will be implemented after the update on November 10 (UTC).

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