Time-Limited Events 

  1. New Thanksgiving login event will be held from 05:00 on November 24 to 05:00 on December 4 (UTC), during which time you can log in to claim your daily Login Bonus! 
  2. Another Speedrun Challenge event is coming! This event runs from 03:00 on November 24 to 2:59 on December 8 (UTC), during which 5 quests with unique features will be unlocked in chronological order. Earn points by completing different quests and get Rewards when the total points reach the targets. Ranking Rewards will also be sent according to your total points on the leaderboard when the event comes to an end. The top 3 players will be rewarded with a glorious Avatar Frame! The event consists of a Challenge Stage and an Announcement Stage. Dragoneers can only view the leaderboard after the Challenge Stage ends at 3:00 on December 3 (UTC). 
  3. Summon pool Eye of Darkness: Runs from 03:00 on November 24 to 03:00 on December 8 (UTC), during which the odds of attaining 5-star Hero Volos, 4-star Hero Hugh, and 4-star Hero Jormungand are increased.

New Hero Volos 

  1. New 5-star Blue-type Light Tower Hero Volos is now available. You can summon him from the time-limited summon pool “”Eye of Darkness”” from 03:00 on November 24 to 03:00 on December 8 (UTC). 
  2. Hero Skill Void Vortex: Deals damage to all enemies. Passive: When a certain number of Naya Stones are matched, Light Tower members will get one stack of Surge effects, which enables them to cast a skill without consuming mana. The Surge effects on other heroes will be removed when any hero has consumed the effect. 
  3. Exclusive Weapon Dark Flood: Increases Critical Damage by 50% (for Volos, 100%) for 3 turns when 5+ Naya Stones are matched each turn.

New Hero Hugh 

  1. New 4-star Blue-type Isabrot Hero Hugh is now available. You can summon him from the time-limited summon pool “”Eye of Darkness”” from 03:00 on November 24 to 03:00 on December 8 (UTC). 
  2. Hero skill Bone Eater’s Bite: Deals damage to the target enemy and decreases their healing and shield received. 
  3. Exclusive Weapon Ravager: When each turn begins, has a 33% chance to increase the damage dealt to weaker elements by 38% (for Hugh, 76%) for 2 turns.

New Home Design 

  1. The newly designed home scene and buildings are now available!

Alliance War Optimizations 

  1. Optimized the interfaces of Registration and Warfare phases, including the pop-up screen, battlefield maps and Dragoneer’s info on the battlefield. 
  2. Optimized the interface after the Warfare phase, Dragoneers can view the War Trend Chart to have a better review of the latest war. 
  3. Fatigue Rule Optimization: The upper limit has been increased from 10 stacks to 15 stacks. 

– 1). The first 10 stacks of fatigue effect remain unchanged: Damage Dealt -5%, Shield Power -5%, Healing -5%, Damage Taken +5%. 

– 2). The newly added 5 stacks of fatigue effect is as follows: Damage Dealt -3%, Shield Power -3%, Healing -3%, Damage Taken +3%.

Other Optimizations 

  1. Added an auto-use feature to allow Dragoneers to replenish materials in the Resonance system more easily when they have the required material chest in their Inventory. 
  2. Added a Play Mode Bonus info on the Hero details, Alliance Intruder and Tournament of Valor event. 
  3. Repositioned the Daily Purchase feature to the Bonus UP page in Events. 4. Repositioned the Growth Fund feature to the Novice page in Events.

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