Time-Limited Events

  • New event “Operation Treasure Island”: From 5:00 on February 16 to 5:00 on February 23 (UTC). Dragoneers will be able to use dice to decide Pearl’s movement on the board, Pearl will move to a tile on the board according to the number that is rolled. Each tile will trigger a random event. Repeatedly pass events to upgrade rewards on the board, and rare items can be obtained by participating in rankings.
  • Another Speedrun Challenge event is coming! From 5:00 on February 23 to 5:00 on March 2 (UTC), five different types of Challenges with different mechanisms will be unlocked in chronological order. Players can earn points for completing challenges and accumulate points to receive achievement rewards. The top three players will receive Avatar Frame rewards. This Speedrun Challenge session is divided into two stages: Challenge Stage and Announcement Stage. The Challenge Stage will end at 3:00 on March 2 (UTC), after which players will no longer be able to take on challenges and will only be able to check the event leaderboard.

  • New Event “Beverage Festival”: From 5:00 on February 24 to 5:00 on February 27 (UTC). Drink beverages to earn random rewards and event points. Accumulate points to redeem Tears of Ancestors and other valuable items, and compete in the ranking to win Artifact Crystals, Divine Blood, and other rare items. Come on in and have a drink!

  • New Summon Pool “Fire Personified”: From 5:00 on February 16 to 5:00 on March 2 (UTC), the odds of getting 5-Star Hero Zhu-Yan, 4-Star Hero Fei-Yun, and 4-Star Hero Pu-Feng will be increased for a limited time.

New Hero Zhu-Yan

  • The new 5-star red Penglai Hero Zhu-Yan will be available in the timed New Summon Pool “Fire Personified” from 5:00 on February 16 to 5:00 on March 2 (UTC).
  • Hero Skill: Deals damage to the target and nearby enemies, lowering their Attack and Defense. Converts a number of non-red Naya Stones into Inferno Stones which will deal extra damage to the enemy when matched.
  • Exclusive Weapon “Karma”: When each turn begins, has a 33% chance to increase the damage dealt to weaker elements by 70% (for Zhu-Yan, 140%) for 2 turns.

New Costume

  • Blessing Rabbit, an exclusive costume of 5-Star Hero Palmyra, is now available via Special>Costume>Hometown Moonlight from 5:00 on February 23 to 5:00 on March 2 (UTC).


  • Alliance War Reward Optimization: Added Lucky Clover reward for wins in Diamond, Legend, and Mythic Tiers.
  • Optimized the item description in the shop; players can now view the details by tapping on the item icon.
  • Optimized the display of Stars Rewards for the Campaign objectives in the Campaign interface.

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