What’s new on Version 2.1.300

Time-Limited Events

  • New event “Shining Redstreak Mountain”: From 5:00 on April 13 to 5:00 on April 20 (UTC). Dragoneers will be able to use dice to decide Felia’s movement on the board, Felia will move to a tile on the board according to the number that is rolled. Each tile will trigger a random event. Repeatedly pass events to upgrade rewards on the board, and rare items can be obtained by participating in rankings.
  • Another “Speedrun Challenge” event is coming! From 5:00 on April 20 to 5:00 on April 27 (UTC), five different types of Challenges with different mechanisms will be unlocked in chronological order. Players can earn points for completing challenges and accumulate points to receive achievement rewards. This Speedrun Challenge session is divided into two stages: Challenge Stage and Announcement Stage. The Challenge Stage will end at 3:00 on April 27 (UTC), after which players will no longer be able to take on challenges and will only be able to check the event leaderboard.
  • Brand-new summon pool “Ultra Naya Power” will be available from 5:00 on April 13 to 5:00 on April 27 (UTC), during which the odds of attaining the 5-Star Hero Abigail, the 4-Star Hero Carson, and the 4-Star Hero Dana are increased.

New Hero Abigail

  • New 5-star Blue Light Tower Hero Abigail is now available. You can summon her from the time-limited summon pool “Ultra Naya Power” from 5:00 on April 13 to 5:00 on April 27 (UTC).
  • Hero skill “Dimension Deconstruction”: Deals {0}% damage to the target enemy and nearby enemies, and dispels all buffs from them.
  • The passive effect is a new mechanism: Cracking Naya Mysteries. During battles, you can match different types of Naya Stones to crack different Naya Mysteries and unlock various powers: converting Nays Stones, increasing damage, increasing allies’ Attack, etc.
  • Exclusive Weapon “Heart of Origin”: Increases damage to weaker elements by 25% (for Abigail, 50%) for 3 turns when 10 Naya Stones are matched.

New Hero Carson

  • New 4-star Blue Light Tower Hero Carson is now available. You can summon him from the time-limited summon pool “Ultra Naya Power” from 5:00 on April 13 to 5:00 on April 27 (UTC).
  • Hero Skill “Absolute Guardian” deals damage to the enemy and shares most damage taken by nearby allies. Passive: Match Naya Stones to reduce damage taken.
  • Exclusive Weapon “Phase Barrier” shields the wielder for 13% (for Carson, 26%) of Max HP for 5 turns when 20 Naya Stones are matched.

New Artifact War Altar of Ares

Added “War Altar of Ares”, a 5-star legendary artifact – When battle begins, if there are more red Naya Stones than other colors, then convert some red Naya Stones into other colors. Obtained from the last progress reward in “Spring Surprise Offer”.

Spring Surprise Offer

New Spring Surprise Offer can be purchased in Surprise Offers from the main page between 5:00 April 22 and 5:00 April 25 (UTC). The event contains free offers and paid offers. You will get extra progress rewards after reaching the required number of reward collections.

Other Improvements

  • Added guarantee rules of the “Event Summon Pool”. View it by tapping “i” on the top left corner of the Summon Pool interface.
  • Optimized the battlefield effect of “Fog of War” in the Alliance War and changed it from “hiding 2 random heroes of the Defense team” to “hiding Spot 1 and Spot 3 heroes of the Defense team”.