What’s new on Version 14.8.00

  1. New Dragon Emblems: Kraken
  2. Thanksgiving Celebration is coming soon! Come join and get the event exclusive skins and accolades, and try the new stickers!
  3. The Camelot Tournament is ready! Be the honored Camelot Regent!
  4. Netherfall Season 9 officially begins!
  5. New chapters in Merlin’s Trial: Chapter 41 and 42 are now available in Dragon Trial.
  6. New Event: Emblem Battle
  7. New Event: Limited-Time Emblem Quest


  1. Enhanced individual rewards in the Nether War and Ultimate Alliance Conquest: replaced Yrsa (Fragment) with Sir Gawain: Bright Sun (Fragment).
  2. Replaced the Griffin Emblem Manuscript reward with Serpent Emblem Manuscript in the Alliance Store.
  3. Replaced the Ursine Emblem Manuscript reward with Griffin Emblem Manuscript in the Alchemist’s Corner.
  4. Increased the number of Emblem Essence rewards obtained from Portal Challenge events and Barbarians.
  5. Added Serpent Emblem Manuscript in the Crucible. Dismantling one Griffin Emblem Manuscript will earn you Mystic Nostrum x5.
  6. Added Kraken Emblem Manuscript in the Auction House.
  7. Changed the cost of Primal Offering V from 10 Primal Dragon Scales to 4 Primal Dragon Scales.

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