What’s new on version 15.2.0

  • Spring Festival Celebrations are coming! Enjoy the atmosphere of the Year of the Rabbit!
  • New equipment: Smaragd Set
  • New chapters in Merlin’s Trial: Chapter 37 and 38 are now available in Equipment Trial!
  • New Event: Smaragd Trail
  • New Event: Timed Lord Targets


Optimized the rewards and exchangeable items of various events and stores.

  • Replaced Holy Eagle Ingots with Ares Ingots in the Alchemist’s Corner.
  • Replaced Ares Ingots with Nightfall Ingots, and Horus Ascendant Scrolls with Lunalith Ascendant Scrolls in the Alliance Store.
  • Replaced Nightfall Ingots with Smaragd Ingots in the Auction House.
  • Replaced Horus Ascendant Scrolls with Lunalith Ascendant Scrolls as the Individual Points rewards for the Nether War, Excalibur Invasion, and Ultimate Alliance Conquest.
  • Added Nightfall Ingot in the Crucible.
  • Changed the cost of Primal Offerings from 4 Primal Dragon Scales to 2 Primal Dragon Scales.