What’s new on version 15.4.0

  • New heroes: Great Yvain & Laudine!
  • New chapters in Merlin’s Trial: Chapters 49 and 50 are now available in Hero Trials.
  • New event: Mythical Summon.
  • New event: Hero Council Expeditions.
  • New event: Hero Council Limited Quests.
  • Celebrations for Valentine’s Day are coming soon.


Rewards adjustments for events and shops:

  • Advanced Summons now include Orlando and Yrsa. Summon probability of other heroes has also been adjusted.
  • Replaced the Serpent Emblem Manuscript with the Kraken Emblem Manuscript in Portal Rewards and Individual Point rewards of KvK, Nether War, and Ultimate Alliance Conquest.
  • Added Fragments of the latest heroes in Netherfall S9 Choice Chest rewards.
  • Replaced Yrsa (Fragment) with Sir Gawain: Bright Sun (Fragment) in Alliance Store.