What’s new on version 15.8.0

  • New Hero Weapon: Glade
  • New chapters in Merlin’s Trial: Chapter 51 and 52 are now available in Hero Trials.
  • New event: Corgi Races.
  • New event: Hero Weapon Expeditions.
  • New event: Hero Weapon Limited Quests.
  • Celebrations for Easter are coming soon.


  • Rewards adjustments for events and shops:
    • 1) Replaced Tears of Ascension with Emblem Essence for rewards of Royal Arena, Fire Lands, Kingdom Tourney, and Alliance Speed Competition.
    • 2) Replaced Nightfall Ingots with Smaragd Ingots in Individual Points rewards of KvK events, Nether War, and Ultimate Alliance Conquest. Increased the amount of Tears of Ascension rewards.
    • 3) Replaced Horus Ascendant Scrolls with Lunalith Ascendant Scrolls in Alliance Store.
  • Primal Offering V prize pool will be closed at 00:00 (UTC+0) on May 3, 2023. Unclaimed points rewards will be sent to players by mail.