The Power of Music: FunPlus’ Commitment to Immersive Gaming Experiences

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In the world of gaming, music plays a vital role in creating immersive and interactive experiences for players. As the FunPlus portfolio and world-building continue to expand, the company recognizes the importance of music and invests heavily in its development. From recording soundtracks with renowned orchestras, working with established composers, to winning prestigious awards, FunPlus demonstrates its commitment to delivering exceptional audio experiences in its games and existing & new IP.

FunPlus recognizes that high-quality music can elevate the gaming experience to new heights. One of the ways the company achieves this is by collaborating with renowned orchestras. For the PC and mobile puzzle game Stormshot, award-winning FunPlus Audio Composer Zhang Zhiwei (Gary) traveled to Vienna, Austria, to record the soundtrack at Synchron Stage Vienna with their orchestra. This collaboration ensures that the game’s music is of the highest caliber, immersing players in the worlds of the games.



Thanks to Vienna’s reputation as a great music center, many of the best instrumentalists and singers from around the world go there to study and work. Synchron hand-picks musicians from all of the renowned Viennese orchestras to create their very own Synchron Stage Orchestra and they have hosted such famous composers as Hans Zimmer, Rupert Gregson-Williams and Conrad Pope. Since 2014 the historic scoring stage has been transformed into a unique, world-class recording and post-production facility, specializing in recording large orchestras (up to 130 musicians) and film music.


For the Stormshot soundtrack, Zhang Zhiwei also worked with world-renowned composer Chad Cannon. Chad has previously worked on Sony PlayStation’s Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut, as well as moonlighted as an arranger for Joe Hisaishi, the genius behind the music of Hayao Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli animated films. Together, they complemented each other to create a powerful soundtrack for Stormshot. (Stormshot: Isle of Adventure)

During the recording process, both the conductor Gottfried Rabl of the Vienna Synchron Orchestra and Zhang Zhiwei highlighted the unique nature of music in movies compared to music in games. While both mediums require captivating compositions, game music is more interactive and dynamic. Unlike music in movies, which follows a linear narrative, the music in games must adapt to the player’s actions and choices, enhancing the overall gaming experience. FunPlus understands this distinction and works closely with composers and orchestras to create music that seamlessly integrates with gameplay.

FunPlus’ dedication to audio excellence has not gone unnoticed. The company’s acclaimed strategy game, Sea of Conquest, received the prestigious Gold Winner – NYX Award for Best Audio. This recognition further solidifies FunPlus’ commitment to delivering powerful soundscapes that enhance gameplay and captivate players. The award serves as a testament to the company’s investment in sound that resonates with players on a deep level.


Zhang Zhiwei says,As a nautical game that aspires to be a “AAA mobile game” from the start of its development, winning three awards from NYX is a recognition of our original intention of this project. Among the awards, Best Innovation and Strategy represents the R&D team’s innovation in game theme, gameplay, worldview, and as well as the strategy game that is recognized by the market and players. The music incorporates a variety of traditional European instrumental music and tunes, field recording of ocean sounds, and the use of Dolby Game Panorama, all of which contribute to the Best Audio Design award. In summary, many thanks to NYX for the awards and for recognizing the game, which is continuing to evolve over the course of the season to bring more extraordinary experiences to gamers.”


Award winning FunPlus Audio Composer Zhang Zhiwei (Gary)

Award-winning FunPlus Audio Composer Zhang Zhiwei


FunPlus also hosts a Spotify profile to ensure that players can engage with all our game music to fully get to know the games. Make sure to try the FunPlus Game Songs public playlist, and other public playlists on our profile!

FunPlus dedication to audio excellence sets it apart in the gaming industry, creating experiences that leave a lasting impression on players. As FunPlus continues to create and push new and existing IPs and build new worlds, players can expect to be transported to extraordinary places through the power of music.






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