What’s New on version 10.5.0

  • R13 Coat of Arms: the Gemini Coat of Arms!
  • New upgrade material: Coat of Arms Crystal. Starting from the Gemini set, upgrading Coats of Arms will no longer consume Artisan Materials but Coat of Arms Crystals. The two materials are interconvertible at a certain conversion rate.
  • Constellation Talents fully unlocked for Tier-A Guards: Jules Mazarin, Dominique, and General Dumas! You can now enhance their combat competence by activating their Constellation Talents via the Guard Info screen.

Limited-Time Event: Tier-S Estate Affairs!

  • After upgrading to V10.5.0 and prior to the V10.6.0 update, you will have a higher probability of receiving red tier-s quests in Estate Affairs.
  • Compared to the orange-color quests, completing the red Tier-S ones will grant you significantly more rewards. Moreover, you will have a chance to get rare rewards such as Fragments of the Tier-S Garrison Guard Lukas Wagner and Guard Fragment DIY Chest (Exclusive).

Reward Adjustments

  • Underworld Gate: Increased the number of Artisan Materials.
  • Ultimate Alliance Campaign Exchange Store: Added Deep Sea Ascendant Scrolls for exchange. Increased the quantities of Atlantis Ascendant Scrolls and Mediterranean Metals.
  • Gold Event – Kingdom Raid Exchange Store: Reduced the price of Sky Coat of Arms Scrolls and Wilderness Coat of Arms Scrolls. Increased the quantities of Artisan Materials and Wilderness Coat of Arms Scrolls.
  • Mining Loot Exchange Store: Added Wilderness Coat of Arms Scrolls for exchange. Increased the quantities of Artisan Materials.
  • Adjusted the Equipment and Airship Parts Rewards in the Shooting Gallery (players who haven’t completed their current Shooting Gallery game before the update will have their game reset).

Other optimizations

  • Added the “complete dismantle” option to the dismantle screen of Equipment, Guard Weapons, and Gemstone.
  • Added the option to sort your guards by Power in the filter function of the Guard Roster.
  • Added the “Level-Up by 10” option to the guard level-up screen.
  • Optimized the interface display for certain features.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue that under extremely rare circumstances, materials consumed for upgrading buildings are not fully returned when canceling the upgrade.
  • Fixed the incorrect display of the Flower Fairies march skin on the Kingdom Map.
  • Fixed the issue that the “Return” button doesn’t work in the Collection Interface.