What’s New on version 10.7.0

  • Introducing brand new R13 Curiosities: The Unbowed Curiosities!
  • Introducing Adventure Journal, a brand new section added to the in-game community!

Rewards Optimizations

  • Warfare Supreme Exchange Store: Adds Divinity Airship Parts Scrolls for exchange. Increases the number of Sunrise Airship Parts Scrolls and Airship Parts Boosters.
  • Red Guard Raid: Increases the number of Airship Parts Boosters, Ebony Essence, and Copper Essence in rewards.
  • Expedition Shop: Adds Duelist Curiosity Handbooks and more Ebony Essence as well as Copper Essence for exchange.
  • Adjusts the Gemstone and Guard Weapon Rewards in the Shooting Gallery (players who haven’t completed their current Shooting Gallery game before the update will have their game reset).

Other Optimizations

  • Warfare Supreme: Significantly increases the number of lost troops that can be revived through completing Bravery Quests from 150k to 300k.
  • Relic War: Adjusts troops’ direct death rate in battle to 0%. After the adjustment, the troop death rate in battles that take place in either regular or advanced Relic Ruins will be 0%. However, it’s important to note that once the number of your wounded troops exceeds the total capacity of your Hospitals and Sanctuary, the excess will still be lost.
  • Optimizes the display and interactive experience for Alliance Gifts and the search feature on the Kingdom Map.
  • Adds the “formation order adjustment” feature to Royal Championship’s Challenge interface.