What’s New on version 10.6.0

New Tier-S Guards

Introducing Lyca and Fenrir, the brand new Heavy Duty & Assault Guards! This dynamic duo showcases exceptional leadership when commanding Infantry troops. Moreover, they possess extraordinary skill sets tailored for launching powerful assaults on enemy estates!

Crown Invasion

Fully revamps the “Crown Invasion” to “Warfare Supreme,” bringing changes to the event in terms of its matching mechanism, gameplay, and rewards.

Matching Mechanism

Optimizes the matching algorithm to bring you a more competitive experience.


The following adjustments will be made to the four Towers surrounding the Supreme Palace to enhance their strategic significance. Once successfully occupied, they will provide protection to friendly forces in the Supreme Palace and pose threats to enemies.

  • The Towers will no longer attack the Supreme Palace if the troops garrisoning them belong to the same kingdom. Otherwise, they will attack the enemies inside the Palace.
  • Adjusts the attack interval: When a Tower is occupied for the first time, it will attack after 5 minutes. The follow-up attack interval will be 3 minutes. The countdown to the attack resets each time the Tower’s occupying Alliance changes.
  • Each tower attack deals damage to a certain percentage of troops garrisoning the Palace. There is no upper limit to the damage dealt, which will be evenly divided among the targets. 90% of the troops that receive damage from the Towers will be wounded and sent to Hospitals, and the other 10% killed.
  • Wounding or killing enemies in the Supreme Palace with Towers will also earn you event Points.
  • The Towers will no longer provide benefits to their occupants.
  • Optimizes the visual effect of the Tower and its attacking animation.

Points Accumulation

  • Garrisoning the Supreme Palace or the four Towers will both earn you event Points. The accumulation rate is determined by the overall Power of garrisoning troops. Removes the upper limit to the points you can gain from garrisoning.
  • Killing or wounding enemies or losing your own troops in battles taken place in the Supreme Palace, the four Towers, or Estates inside the Black Forest will earn you points.
  • Points gained from attacking enemies in the Supreme Palace with Towers will be allocated to all Lords garrisoning the Towers based on their garrisoning troops’ Power.

Warriors of Honor

  • Adds the “Warriors of Honor” leaderboard. Lords whose Group Match Points rank among the top will enter the list and receive bonus rewards.
  • Note that there is also a Points threshold for being listed as a Warrior of Honor.

Other Optimizations

  • Fixes the issue that under certain circumstances, only 4 opponents are found after refreshing in the Royal Championship.
  • Optimizes the Guard Roster interface display. Adds a special tag to Guards who have Constellation Talents.
  • A red dot will appear in the Guard Info interface when the Guard’s Constellation Talents can be enhanced.