Gameplay & Events

  • New PVP event: Relic War! (please follow later announcements for details)
  • New PVE event: Treant Invasion!
  • Optimizes the matching mechanism for the Ultimate Alliance Campaign. Check out the Rules for detailed optimizations.
  • Optimizes the Alliance defense/plunder Benefits for the Ultimate Alliance Campaign.


  • New mermaids: Alexia and Undine!
  • New Feature—Treasure Diving: After unlocking this feature, you can assign acquainted mermaids to find mysterious treasures under the sea!


  • New Tier-S Bravery Guards: Ekon and Weetamoo! As kindred spirits, these ultimate partnerswill help you achieve victory after victory on the battlefield!
  • Peggy, a Tier-S Guard from the Lost Island, joins the battlefield! As an elite adventuress, Peggy is capable of finding Lost Treasure Chests during the gatherings outside the Estate!
  • Tier-A Guard Caterina! Caterina can be obtained via the Treant Invasion event. When she is leading your march, your Stamina consumption for hunting Threats and rallying Red Guard Camps will be reduced, and your March Speed will be accelerated!
  • Tier-A Guard Constellation unlocked! Your long-time companions throughout the journey, Captain Treville, Elena, and Constance have all unlocked their Constellation Talents! As battle-hardened warriors, they are perhaps the most Merc commanders you’ll ever meet!


  • Increases the level cap for certain Alliance Knowledge!
  • Great deals! Greatly increases the number of Ancient Manuscripts contained in the Ancient Manuscript Packs!
  • Optimizes the Alliance Personal Bounty feature, allowing you to raise bounties on Scholar’s Scrolls and Ancient Manuscripts.
  • Optimizes the interface display for Alliance Gift when the number of available gift chests exceeds 99.