– New R12 Airship Parts: Sunrise Airship Parts are available now!

– The highest level of Threats has been increased to Lv.65!

– The highest stage level of Pirate Showdown has been increased to 140, and the maximum level of Cannons is Lv.65 now!


– Red Guard Raid Event Rewards: Added Airship Parts Boosters.

– The New World Event Rewards: Optimized Gold Ore gathering rewards to grant Architect Curiosity Guidebook and more Ebony Essence as well as Copper Essence; Optimized Ranking Rewards to include Wild Curiosity Guidebook.

– Crown Invasion Exchange Shop: Increases the reward number of Airship Parts Boosters; Increases the maximum number of Rune Parts Scroll that can be exchanged.

– Equipment and Coat of Arms rewards in the Shooting Gallery has been adjusted (players who haven’t finished this rewards section will have their reward draws reset).

– Optimized the Rule and UI text of the Spirit Mine.