New conquest begins: A new storyline and challenge

Louis XIII has returned, he has constructed his Palace and is rallying his troops. The Kingdom is in danger once again.

Once you have completed all Royal Revival Quests and your Castle reaches Lv.30, the “Tale of Twin Kings” storyline will be unlocked.

Estate Expansion: A new region in your Estate

Once the “Tale of Twin Kings” storyline begins, a new area will be opened near the Sanctuary. Inside the area, you will find new buildings, namely the Merc Dock, Merc Arena, Red Gem Mine, and Blue Gem Mine.

Mercenaries: A new age of Troops

In your conquest to take down Louis XIII, you will discover new strength in the form of Mercenaries. Mercs fall into the Infantry, Cavalry, and Distance categories. E.g. Steam Hoplite, Pikemen, and Musketeers are all Infantry units and can benefit from Infantry bonuses.

Mercs have their own Special Skills and serve as an expansion to the current deployment strategy system. Combine them with regular troop units to fully tap into their potential!

Merc Arena

In the Merc Arena, Mercs’ combat skills can be improved, raising their Battle attributes and unlocking higher tiers of Mercs for recruitment.

Upgrading Mercs in the Arena will require Blue Gems, which can be obtained from the Blue Gem Mine and by clearing Red Guard Camps.

Make sure to update your game to version 8.5 in the app stores to experience these fantastic new features!