New R12 – Wilderness coat of arms now available!

Christmas events: The christmas theme month starts, and a variety of Christmas events and special offer will gradually meet you!

  • Puzzle Challenge
  • Glistening Christmas Tree
  • Christmas Build-a-House
  • Yummy Gingerbread


  • Minig Loot: Added Sky Coat of Arms Scrolls for exchange, and increased the rewards of Artisan Materials. 
  • Underworld Gate: Increased the rewards number of Artisan Materials.
  • Ultimate Alliance Campaign Store: Added Atlantis Ascendant Scrolls for exchange; Increased rewards number of New World Ascendant Scrolls and Mediterranean Metal. 
  • Gold Event-Kingdom Raid Exchange Store: Increased the rewards number for the Sky Coat of Arms Scrolls, Wraith Coat of Arms Scrolls and Artisan Materials
  • Adjusted the Equipment and Airship Parts rewards in the Shooting Gallery (players who haven’t completed their current Shooting Gallery game before the update will have their game reset).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the problem that the map near the Inn in the city displayed abnormally.
  • Fixed the display issue of “Alchemist’s Lab” castle Skin.
  • Fixed the issue where the score display of the winner of the Darklands was inaccurate in some cases.