• New R12 Curiosity: Duelist Curiosities available now! Endowed with undying fighting spirit, the Duelist Curiosity provides even rarer Battle Attribute Benefits compared with other Curiosities.
  • New Achievement: Rightful Ruler! This achievement can be achieved after completing all Main Quests of the Tale of Twin Kings expansion.


  • Optimized R12 Curiosity Level Upgrade Experience:
  • Adjusted the max. level of R12 Curiosities from 5 to 8. The total number of materials required for upgrading an R12 Curiosity from base level to the highest level remains the same as it would have been when there were only 5 levels in total, so will the max. Attribute Benefits it can provide. Meanwhile, as there are more levels, the material requirements for each level upgrade have been reduced accordingly.
  • Optimized R12 Curiosity Activation & Crafting Requirements:
  • For Curiosities of previous Ranks, you needed 200 Guidebooks to Activate a Curiosity Handbook of the corresponding Rank, after which you may Craft it using Copper and Ebony Essence. Now you only need 100 R12 Handbooks and other materials to directly Craft an R12 Curiosity. (Please Note: You will regain the Handbooks consumed by Crafting R12 Curiosities when Dismantling them. The interface display will also be optimized in the future.)
  • Red Guard Raid: Increased the number of Airship Parts Boosters, Ebony Essence, and Copper Essence in rewards.
  • The New World: Increased the number of Wild Curiosity Guidebooks, Ebony Essence and Copper Essence in rewards, and added Architect Curiosity Guidebooks in Gathering Rewards.
  • Crown Invasion Exchange Store: Increased the number of Airship Parts Boosters and Rune Airship Parts Scrolls, and added Sunrise Airship Parts Scrolls for exchange.
  • Expedition Shop: Increased the number of Ebony Essence and Copper Essence, and added Wild Curiosity Guidebooks for exchange.
  • Adjusted the Gemstone and Guard Weapon Rewards in the Shooting Gallery (Players who haven’t completed their current Shooting Gallery game before the update will have their game reset).
  • Optimized the interactive experience of the Airship Skins interface, allowing you to take a better look at your Airship Appearances.
  • Optimized the layout of the Airship Elements Info interface, displaying the info more straightforwardly.
  • Troop Training interface: The number of soldiers to be Levelled Up is now set at the upper limit by default whether there are enough resources or not.
  • Optimized the distribution of Tale of Twin Kings Main Quests rewards: After completing all the Main Quests, the unclaimed quest rewards will be automatically reissued to you by Mail.
  • Other interface and gaming experience optimizations.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue that the red dot on the icon did not disappear even after the Alliance Crunch event has entered the Settlement Stage.
  • Fixed the incorrect display of Quetzalcoatl Fortress and Frozen Fantasy on the Kingdom Map.