Reasons why being you is Fun


At FunPlus, we celebrate everyone’s vibrant uniqueness. Being yourself here is not just encouraged – it’s what makes our workplace exciting and innovative. From sparking creativity to building meaningful connections, authenticity is at the heart of success in a company like FunPlus.

We’ve asked some of our colleagues, from different FunPlus offices around the world, to share why being yourself is so much fun at FunPlus.



Reason Why Being you is Fun, Pride month at FunPlus


Tianyu, Office Manager & Executive Assistant at FunPlus – Zug Office
Reasons why being you is FUN

“Being myself allows me to fully unlock that uniqueness and to embrace and celebrate who I am. When I can share my true self, I get to build genuine and lasting relationships based on mutual respect and understanding. You know you are at the right place and thriving when you feel free, authentic, and ‘individual'”.

Reason Why Being you is Fun, Pride, TIANYU.


Suirong, Video Designer at FunPlus – Shanghai Office
Reasons why being you is FUN

“Fun is being you means being able to face real problems, with no shame to express yourself, to be able to think differently and find solutions through honest communications. FunPlus offers me this space to work in realness and honesty. That’s the pride I want to share.”

Reason Why Being you is Fun, Pride, SUIRONG.


Stacy Xu, Marketing Project Manager at FunPlus – Beijing Office
Reasons why being you is FUN

“At FunPlus, everybody is free to be themselves. Many colleagues here have tattoos and colorful hairstyles, so I was encouraged to get the tattoo and hair dye I always wanted.”

Reason Why Being you is Fun, Pride, STACY XU.


Katharina, Brand Manager at FunPlus – Barcelona Office
Reasons why being you is FUN

“Being myself is FUN because I can express my true self and dance with my friends in the vibrant city of Barcelona, embracing diversity and spreading joy. Let’s celebrate Pride month together!”.

Reason Why Being you is Fun, Pride, KATHARINA.



As we’ve heard from our colleagues, being you at FunPlus is not just fun, it’s a source of pride and joy. Embracing individuality, fostering creativity, and building meaningful connections are at the heart of our culture. We extend our heartfelt thanks to our colleagues for sharing their inspiring thoughts and reasons.

We invite you to join us in celebrating Pride month and experience the exhilarating journey of being yourself at FunPlus. Let’s continue to celebrate the vibrant tapestry of individuality and diversity that makes FunPlus an extraordinary place to thrive.



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