Last updated: 1 February 2024


Below is a summary of the full terms of use to help young people between the ages of 13 and 18 understand the rules of using our website, playing our games, and purchasing or using any of our other products or services.

Our games and websites are not designed to be used by children under the age of 13. You are not allowed to create an account or play our games or access our website if you are under 13.  If you are between 13 and 18 years old, you can only play our games and access our website if you have the permission of your parent or guardian.

This document does not replace the full terms of use, which can be accessed  here, and your parent or guardian should ensure that they read and agree with the full terms of use.  In particular, we encourage you to make sure you have read the sections on User Content, Illegal Content, and Online Safety and Abuse.


  1. Introduction
  2. Who Are We?
  3. Setting up an Account and Accessing Our Games
  4. Ownership of the Games
  5. Game Rules
  6. Interactions With Other Users
  7. User Content
  8. Illegal Content
  9. Online Safety and Abuse
  10. Closure of Your Account
  11. Price and Payment
  12. Cancellations and Refunds
  13. Personal Information
  14. Complaints


This document, along with the Player Privacy Policy, sets out our rules for anyone who plays our games, accesses our websites, purchases any content from us, or accesses any of our other services. This covers all the games that we make available and publish under FunPlus International AG (“we”, “our”, “us” or “FunPlus”). It also covers our websites and all ‘virtual items’ that we sell. Virtual items are features within our games including coins, virtual assets, and unlockable content such as multiplayer services.  In this document when we refer to “Games“, we are referring to all our games, services, virtual items, software and websites.

We may need to update this document and make changes to the terms. We may not always contact you when we make changes to this document so you should check this website regularly in case these terms have changed. If we make important changes to this document, we may also tell you about these changes by email or send you messages within the Games.

By continuing to access our Games, you agree to the terms in this agreement and any updates that we make. If you do not agree to these terms, you should stop using the Games and delete them from your devices.

Depending on how you are accessing the Games, some other terms and conditions may apply.  For example, if you are accessing the Games on an iPhone, Apple’s App Store terms and conditions and any of their other policies may also apply.


We are a videogames company called FunPlus International AG. Our address is Bahnhofstrasse 2, 6300 Zug, Switzerland.

You can contact us at


You may need to create an account with us if you want to play our Games. You may also need to have an account with another company to play our Games – for example, if you are accessing the Games on an iPhone you may need to have an account with Apple.

When you create your account, you will need to provide us with information about you. This information must be true, and you need to let us know if there are any changes to your information so that we can update your account.

You must always keep your account details (including your password) secure, and you should not share it with anyone else. Do not let anyone else use your account to access the Games. You are responsible for any losses caused by any activity related to your account. If you are aware of any loss, theft, fraud or unauthorised use of your account please contact us.

When you play our Games, we are granting you the right to do so. We refer to this right as your ‘licence’. The licence we grant you allows you to play the Games for your own personal enjoyment, and you should not use your access to the Games for any other reason. There are a number of rules that we need everyone to follow when playing our Games, which are set out here. If you break any of the rules, we may need to suspend or permanently close your account. We may also limit access to certain features within the Games or cancel your licence. If we do close your account, you will lose access to any characters, items and in-game currency that you have. You will not receive any refund for these items if you have broken our rules.

If you think that we were wrong in our decision to close your account, you can ask us to reconsider by contacting FunPlus customer support via our in-game channel or by sending an email to

Where virtual items are available within a Game, we may limit the number of virtual items you can buy at any time. There are some countries where we are unable to sell virtual items.

We do not guarantee that the Games, or any features within the Games, will be available forever and we may remove them at any time. We will try to make sure that the Games will be available and function normally at all times. When the Games are not available, we will try to fix any faults as quickly as possible.


We own the Games including all names, brands and logos associated with the Games. This includes the computer code for the games and the virtual items and any content, objects, characters, stories, artwork, images, animation, sounds, and music contained in the Games.

You are only granted a licence to play the games and to access your account and use any virtual items. You will not have any ownership over any of our property and you must not try to do anything with or to the Games outside of what we allow you to do in this document.


You must always obey our rules when playing our Games. You will not:

  • do anything that is illegal;
  • say anything that is untrue;
  • use the Game to try and create a new game that is similar or based on our Game;
  • make any copies of, make changes to or attempt to recreate or access the computer code of the Game;
  • try to sell, rent, or in any other way provide access to your account or any content in your account including your Games or virtual items;
  • do anything that we may feel is inappropriate or disruptive;
  • threaten, harass, or engage in any other unwanted behaviour towards any other users when creating User Content (see section 7 below);
  • post or share User Content that is considered “Illegal Content” (see section 8 below);
  • be rude, threatening, sexually explicit, misleading, or bullying in any way;
  • promote violence or discrimination;
  • attempt to damage someone else’s reputation or ignore their right to privacy;
  • try to do anything that would breach the Games security features or access any part of the Game that you are not supposed to;
  • post or share content which contains any other person’s confidential or ‘real world’ personal information;
  • pretend to be any person or attempt to trick people into thinking you are connected to any other person;
  • upload any content that contains any computer virus or any other harmful code designed to affect the operation of any computer system;
  • share user personal information which would enable you or anyone else to be identified or contacted outside of our Games (e.g. last name, postal/email address or telephone number);
  • deliberately submit false reports and/or complaints to us;
  • use our Games for any commercial purposes, for example, selling virtual items or providing services within the Game in exchange for real-world money;
  • send unsolicited repetitive messages (spamming); and
  • dishonestly apply for a refund.

We may monitor your use of the Games to try and prevent users from cheating or breaking any of these terms. By agreeing to these terms, you agree to us recording your use of the Games.


You are responsible for your interaction with other users in our Games. We will not be involved or be liable for any claims, costs, or losses because of any dispute between you and other users.


Some of our Games allow you to post comments and communicate with other users, either in private in-game messages or in public forums. You may also be able to create or upload comments, images or videos. We refer to this content and any communications as “User Content“.

You are responsible for all your User Content and you must ensure that it is appropriate and does not breach any laws or the rules set out in this document. Your User Content should not contain any Illegal Content (see section 8). You must also ensure that you own your User Content or have permission from the owner to use their content.

By submitting any User Content, you agree that we can use the User Content in any way including copying, modifying and making public use of such content. This includes any suggestions and ideas that you have for the Games and we will not be required to make any payments to you for such use.

We may monitor User Content in the Games but we cannot guarantee that all User Content in the Games is accurate or does not break any of the rules set out in these terms.  You may find some User Content that is offensive. If you do, please contact us at

Where we feel that any User Content breaks our rules, we may remove that User Content with or without notice.


You should not upload or share any User Content that is against the law. We refer to this content as “Illegal Content” which includes but is not limited to the following examples:

  • hate speech and discrimination against any religion;
  • pornographic content;
  • words or pictures containing propaganda of terrorist and extremist organisations;
  • illegal gambling materials;
  • insulting and abusive content or content containing or encouraging suicide;
  • content designed to harass, embarrass, or threaten someone else;
  • private images shared without the person’s permission;
  • misuse of other people’s property without their permission (e.g. copying somebody else’s artwork);
  • any other inappropriate content.

If you see anything which you suspect may be Illegal Content, please notify us via our in-game support or by sending us an email at When you report Illegal Content, you must provide us with the following:

  • why you believe the User Content in question is Illegal Content;
  • a screenshot of the reported User Content and/or where we can find this Illegal Content; and
  • your contact information so we can contact you about the outcome.

We will review your notification and may take action against anyone who violates these terms. We may also take action against anyone who deliberately submits a false report.


We cannot guarantee that all users will follow the rules we have set out or behave appropriately while playing our Games. Do not assume that anyone is who he or she claims to be and for your own safety you should not attempt to contact any user outside of the Games.

If you are the victim of or witness to any inappropriate behaviour or any online bullying, you should contact us at


If you have broken any of our rules or we believe you are going to break our rules, we may need to suspend, mute, or permanently close your account or restrict your access to certain features within the Games. When we ‘mute’ your account, you will still be able to play the Games but you will not be able to use any chat features.

We may decide to take this action where we believe:

  • you are under 13;
  • you are between 13 and 18 and do not have your parent’s or guardian’s permission to play the Games;
  • you have not played our games for 365 consecutive days;
  • you have been cheating;
  • you have shared your account details with another person;
  • you have acted unlawfully or dishonestly; and/or
  • it is necessary in order to prevent any harm to any other users or any damage to us.

If we close your account, you will lose access to your Games and any virtual items.

If you want to close and permanently delete your account, you can request this under your profile in the Game or otherwise send a request to


We will try to ensure that the prices for our Games and virtual items are correct.  If the price on our website or a store is not correct, we may update the price to correct any errors before you complete your purchase.

Where any payment is being made by credit or charge card, you must have the permission of the credit or charge card owner to make any payment.

The issuer of that card will also need to check that the payment has been properly approved by the owner of the card. If the card issuer does not approve a transaction, your order will be cancelled.

Where we are unable to complete your order, we will try and let you know the reason for this.

Some of our Games have the option to sign up for a subscription. A subscription will automatically renew, and additional payment will be taken each time it renews. The details of the subscription including the cost, length of the subscription and details about how to cancel will be given to you when you sign up. You will need to provide payment details when you set up a subscription, like a credit or charge card, and this payment method will be used each time the subscription renews. You must have the permission of the credit or charge card owner before you set up a subscription.

The cost of subscriptions may change. We will let you know if we change the price of a subscription before it renews and, if you don’t tell us that you want to cancel your subscription, you will be charged the new price when your subscription renews.


We hope you are happy with our Games. All purchases that you have made are final and non-refundable except where required by law. By clicking the purchase order button, your purchase will be immediately delivered to you and you will lose the right to withdraw your purchase and obtain a refund once it has been downloaded, streamed, and/or accessed by you.

We will not provide any refunds if your account has been cancelled or suspended as a result of you violating these Terms or if you decided yourself to close your account.

You can manage or cancel your subscription in your account settings or contact our support team for any further assistance. Deleting your account will not cancel a subscription. If you want to cancel your subscription, you need to tell us at least 24 hours before it is due to renew. You can still continue to use the cancelled subscription until the expiry date of the original subscription.

You must have the permission of your parent or guardian before you make any purchase. Parents and guardians, we strongly recommend that you set the payment settings on your device to require your approval (for example by entering your password), before it will allow any payment to be made.


We will only use your personal information as described in our Player Privacy Policy which is available here.

Where our Games provide alerts or push notifications, we will ask you for your permission to receive these alerts and notifications.  If you do not give us your permission, you will not receive these alerts and notifications. If you change your mind, you may give or withdraw your permission in the settings of your device.


If you need any help, or if you are not happy with a Game, or if you have any other questions then you can contact us at